Are little girls so obvious?

I took my sons for an interview at the local yeshiva. During the summertime it is being used for a girls’ day camp. While we were waiting out in the hallway, two little girls were dropped off by their parent. Their bunk happened to be in the foyer where we were waiting. One of those assembled piped up as she saw her friend exiting the car – “she wore that dress yesterday! And when her friend showed up she told her the same thing to her face.

The teenage counselor will make an excellent teacher or parent. Straight after the girl’s comment about her bunkmate she told her that the little girl obviously was very careful with her clothes and managed to keep them clean to wear them again the next day.

I know boys don’t notice that kind of thing. But these were little 8 year old girls. To be so obvious and make an announcement out loud like that – is that normal for a little girl? Are they obsessed with clothes? Is it wrong for a little kid to wear something for two days in a row?

(This said by a mom who sometimes has been heard to say “you have worn those pants / that shirt / those socks for three days straight. I am sure they could walk away by themselves by now. Put on something clean” – Oh the joys of raising boy children!!!!!!)

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5 responses to “Are little girls so obvious?

  1. When I hear little girls saying stuff of that nature to one another the first thing I do is whisk the perpetrators away and ask “Was that comment designed to make ‘sally’ feel good about herself or feel bad about herself?” and usually they reply with their eyes looking down, twisting their little ankles the other direction “bad…” Then I make them figure out something positive to say about the other child and they have to go say it at some point during the day. I just can’t stand that sort of nonsense. I like that counselor’s tactic as well. I’ll probably combine that next time if the situation calls for it.

  2. Wow! Those are really very “visual” girls. I would not even notice.

    And of course, the fact per se would be neutral and have no negative connotation.

    Do you really think it has with those girls? Why?

  3. This kind of behavior is, unfortunately, very common among little girls, especially little girls who are being raised with a focus on materialism. I was shocked when my daughter switched from one school to another and I started to witness this behavior in 2nd graders but then I realized that if all Mommy can talk about is who was wearing what or shopping, the girls are going to follow suit.

  4. My SON at 5yo came home from school and said “i’m not wearing this shirt to school ever again. Parker said it’s not cool.”

    and yes – i agree with others that apples rarely fall too far away from trees.

  5. It is far more common than you would want to believe.

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