Why do they have candy at the mikvah?

I often wondered why the local mikvah has candy in a bowl near the exit. I thought perhaps it was just so you can have a sweet taste after doing a great mitzvah – the icing on the cake if you will.

Apparently there might be something more to it. Before a woman immerses herself in the holy waters one of the cleansing processes is to brush and floss her teeth very well,  making sure that there is nothing stuck in between any of the teeth.

Many a time it has happened that a woman will have come home from mikvah and felt something loosen from between her teeth, which could possibly invalidate her immersion. (ask your CLOR). If she has eaten something after immersing but before getting home – and she feels that loosening of in between the teeth stuff – she can blame it on the food she ate after immersion.

There are some rabbis, so I have read, who even recommend to their congregants, that they should eat something on the way home from mikvah, if this type of incident happens more than once.

The mikvah here in Monsey has chewy candies by the exit, NOW it makes sense. I just thought they were being sweet.

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11 responses to “Why do they have candy at the mikvah?

  1. Never heard of this. I’ll ask my wife if she’s seen it.

  2. I think it’s a very nice thing! I’ll have to ask my wife if she’s ever seen it at our mikveh or the ones in Israel.

  3. When I came finished with my pre-wedding mikvah in Israel and entered the front room, I was pelted with candy and lots of “looloolooloolooloolooloo” from the ladies — none of whom knew me! I was really touched, esp since i was alone. 🙂 I assume, however, that it was a Sephardi thing, but maybe not.

  4. I heard they were there b/c some women have the minhag to make a bracha after completing the process… not sure of the source for this.

  5. What does the C in CLOR stand for? I know LOR means local orthodox rabbi

  6. i haven’t noticed it by my mikvahs, but I think this is great! Thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks for the idea – mine doesn’t have one but now I know it’s a good idea to pop something in my mouth.

    I have heard a similar suggestion: that when you come out of the mikvah and go back to the room, you “wipe” your hands and feet on the walls or floor so that if you find an errant hair, rough edge of nail, etc, you won’t have to worry about it….

  8. Both Mikvaot in my area have bowls of taffy and I had thought the same as you HSM. Glad to know another reason…

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