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Dear Son, Dear Heart

I am sitting here at the dining room table, gearing myself up to go back into the kitchen, so I can organize the pantry. On Friday, you were bored and decided to organize the pantry for me, and thinking it would save me from hearing “Ima, I’m bored” for the bazillionth time, I allowed you to occupy yourself in this fashion. It enabled us to chat as I cooked and you organized. I love chatting with your yummy self.

The contents of the middle shelf of the pantry are now all over the kitchen counters. I was making strawberry soup earlier and I couldn’t find my vanilla. I was making lasagna and the noodles were hiding. Finally, in a fit of pique I just removed everything, knowing that I will put it back the way it makes sense to me (ie the way it was before).

I know it kept you occupied and whine-free. But today I was whining. Come cook for a week in my kitchen, and maybe you will understand how the pantry needs to work. It’s not that I am not grateful, I am. It’s just that right now I want to rest, and instead I need to reorganize. When you feel an urge to do a tidy up – please, start with your own closets.



PS I did notice how your favourite snacks were moved front and center for your ease of access. I’m just sayin’.

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The Etiquette of Borrowing

I have awesome neighbours on my block, and I am learning that if I run out of something that I do not have to drive to the store – that I can call one of my neighbours for a cup of brown sugar or the extra egg that I am missing. Last week we needed a yahrtzeit light, and because I had been sick I hadn’t been able to get to the store to buy one, so we borrowed from a neighbour.

I was brought up that anything I “borrowed” I returned. So if I borrowed a cup of sugar from you, I will return a cup of sugar once I have replenished my supply. We gave our neighbours back an identical yahrtzeit light. But we were gently told that it was totally unnecessary to return it, and that if we borrow an egg or sugar or flour, it’s not necessary at all to return it.

So I wanted to ask you what the etiquette of borrowing is on your block. At what point do you not want a borrowed item returned, and at what point do you? One egg, fine, no need to return, but if you borrow a dozen?

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