Daily Archives: August 10, 2010

Need some tips

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I get to be inserted into a magnetic tube and have my body imaged. Yep, it’s MRI time! While I am thrilled to be finally getting one done and be even closer to some answers, the thought of that noisy machine and not moving is giving me anxiety. Plenty of it, too.

I know I can use imagery to transport myself to a golden beach far away – but how many beaches do you know of where it sounds like there is constant drilling?! I am not sure how long a lumbar MRI takes but it’s longer than I am comfortable with, which would be 60 seconds. (I’m being generous).

How do I prevent the claustrophobia and panic from setting in? how do I tune out the awful noises from the machines? How do I get thru this with my sanity (what’s left of it) intact? What worked for you?

PS Why did the MRI clinic need to know my weight before scheduling the MRI? I thought it was a weird question.

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Let’s have some appreciation today!

The five things that make me happy today are:

  1. Coffee. Need I say more?
  2. Knowing supper is already cooked and I can hang out with my kids this afternoon at the pool without having to rush them to get home in order to cook supper. (I put up a Jambalaya in the crockpot this morning before 8 am).
  3. Knowing that two of my friends met randomly today and recognized each other thru knowing me.
  4. Seeing my fridge and pantry well stocked.
  5. Hearing that they make poutine in Teaneck and that I don’t have to trek to Montreal to feed my habit!

What are your five?

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