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A dear friend just sent this to me and I am hooting with laughter. I just had to share!!

– Special Report from roving reportress:


The first authentic portrait of Queen Nefertiti has finally been located. Unbeknownst to the most egregious experts and quite unexpected too, the fresh month of Ellul has revealed that the one and only fotographic portrait of the once and past Queen of Egypt has been lingering all this time in a remote place, called Monsey (so read the hieroglyophics), New York. We must say lingering, because an accompanying papyrus letter revealed that the poor Queen had been suffering from a stinging pain in the back for quite some time and had come to this remote place to find relief. Fortunately, she always had the TLC-providing King of Egypt (a.k.a. Akhenaton a.k.a. KoD) at her side. From the lively quality of the pic it has now become a real possibility that the beloved Queen of Egypt is right here amongst us. Roving Reportress will attempt to locate her and interview her one of these centuries. Once busted she can then become a true symbol of grace and inspiration for all of humanity for generations to come.

It has furthermore now become crystal clear that all existing busts of the Queen are based on this one single photographic portrait. Note especially the interesting colorful folded head covering. No doubt this must have protected the Queen’s royal head from the sharp edges and enormous weight that the crown, usually seen in the busts, must have placed on her tender head. This is a major discovery that will no doubt lead to a complete revision of feminist studies of ancient Egypt. It may now be suggested that in the other portrayals of Egyptian ladies, adorned by copious wigs, some sort of wig-liner was also used.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the capital of ancient head coverings: Monsey, NY

Shabbat Shalom,

Roving Reportress

Hadassah – Queen of Egypt

Nefertiti Sabo Milner

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