Daily Archives: August 15, 2010


Sometimes the kids, they surprise you. After a day of telling them off, and picking up after them, because after your bazillionth reminder to pick their socks up off the floor, they still haven’t heard you, and after a day of slowly watching your hair turn grey (or fall out) after their latest antics, they can do it, they can totally remind you just why you love them so much.

It can be a simple hug at bedtime, or an “I love you” thrown over their shoulder as they go to brush their teeth. It can be the instinctive act of catching a brother as he trips over his own feet, or sharing a forbidden piece of candy with him. It can be as trivial as “I remembered to put the seat down” and as big as “I folded all the towels when the dryer dinged, Ima”.

There are days when we totally need reminders of why we love these little people. Sometimes we just take it for granted that they are there, in much the same way that they take for granted that we will always be there for them, picking up their socks and cooking their meals and nagging the heck out of them.

Take a moment to remember why you love the little people in your life. Cherish that thought. Savour that feeling. Make it your mantra. Because you know, you know 1000%, that these kids will test you more tomorrow and the day after. And it’s only because you love them so darn much that you look forward to everything they will throw at you and will accept it with grace and fortitude, because you are Mom, and you know that all this testing is helping them to grow up to be decent human beings. Life lessons must be lived to be learned.

Embrace it all, the good and the annoying, because it is a blessing to have our children in our lives.

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