Modest Dressing

Taking a page out of Chaviva’s book who took it out of her friend’s book….I figured I would do a fashion piece, see what you people think of the feature and decide if it will be a regular occurrence or not.

Modestly Dressed

So, today we have a school interview, and I need to make sure all the bits and pieces that need to be covered are indeed covered. I am wearing the panty hose and closed toe shoes and have a wig on my head and minimal makeup. Basically – not trying to be “in your face” – going for a demure look…. Not quite sure I get there.

So let’s start:

Sheitel: Kiki

Sunglasses: Rabbis Harley and Davidson

Shell (slinky black teeshirt that cannot be worn on its own as it is too tight) – I bought it some place in Flatbush, 2 years ago, to go under a simcha dress that had a low neckline.

Suit: I bought it online at and I love it. You can dress it up, dress it down…

The detailing on the jacket

detailing on the skirt

Shoes: Walmart’s finest, 3 years ago.

I love these shoes

This outfit (other than the wig) cost less than $100 to put together. The suit was $69, shell $15 and the shoes $9.99.

I love this outfit and would love to have something similar in a different colour, but have not been able to find one…

If you own / run a clothing company and wish to sponsor a future edition of Modest Dressing, please email me at InThePinkBlog at gmail dot com. Thanks

46 responses to “Modest Dressing

  1. lady lock and load

    I have on word to say…BEAUTIFUL!

  2. we want to see more skin!

  3. This should work for the Monsey school interview but I just wonder if the suit material is denim b/c some have issues with that (certainly not me as I am currently wearing a bleached denim skirt right now!) but I know that denim is not considered appropriate in certain Yeshivish crowds…

    Also, while I am a big fan of your shoes & personally own similar ones, I wonder if they would consider it to be too ‘much’ & perhaps you’d want to go for a simpler shoe…

    Hopefully, they will NOT have any issues with your attire (I know I don’t) but I’m just trying to think as they might…

    Anyhow, hatzlacha & keep us posted!

    • I second that.After hearing a bunch of Monsey horror stories, I would suggest you stick with simple flats….. Its just a school interview….. Good luck!!

      • i don’t get this – they are interviewing my KID not me!! Why should they give a toss about my shoes? Do shoes say whether i am shomer mitzvot or not??

        • They are interviewing your kids. But they are judging you!

          Maybe the safest thing to do is to send KoD instead! Men are judged MUCH less than women are in such repressive societies.

          • I agree with Mark that they are judging you & you know that too which is why you tried to frummify your look somewhat in the first place…

            Anyhow, hopefully the fact that your other kids got into YSV will be in your favor in getting into this son into this particular school. Most importantly, I hope that both you and the boys will be satisfied with all of their new schools especially with all the efforts you have exerted into getting them into these schools…

  4. Very classy!

  5. LOVE the suit, it’s beautiful and it fits you well.

  6. formermonseyite

    I think you look beautiful – but I am worried about the interview. Monsey schools are crazy. They may think the suit is too tight or too fashionable. Best to look as frumpy as possible.

  7. I like the idea of a “fashion column”…I think lots of people will understand some of the ideas that are talked about regarding clothing.

  8. I agree with the above comments but would like to add that I love this feature on your blog and particularly love the fact that you are the model! 🙂 Keep it up. Can you post current purchases so we ladies can find and order it in season?

    • current purchases – does that mean you need me to go shopping? 😉
      if finances permit (and we all know that they never do) OR if anyone wants to sponsor my next column and buy me the clothes??

  9. I also love the outfit. I also wonder how the outfit (denim-ish) & shoes will go over with the “powers that be” at the school.

  10. I think a pair of solid plain black low heeled pumps or flats would look better. Even a solid neutral shoe in camel. The suit is on the flirty side of business, but the espradilla shoes are all about casual fun. Both cute I think, just not together in my opinion.

  11. You look AWESOME….
    (though probably too much so for some of the more right-wing schools – those that did in fact put the “frum” in frumpy, lol….. great line)

    • so what do right wing women wear? sacks? paper bags over their heads? where does it say we cannot look good???

      • lady lock and load

        It is amazing to me what people out of town think of Monsey. For all you out of town peeps, Monsey is very big and has a very big variety of different people and different modes of dresses. We also have a broad spectrum of schools here, from chassidishe to modern orthodox. So come visit (and leave your burlap sack at home)!

        • But LLL, something tells me that this isn’t a modern orthodox school b/c if it were, then Hadassah would not be going crazy worrying about the sheitel & the pantyhose etc…

      • You’re preaching to the converted here….
        From my personal observations though, you need elastic waisted skirts and T-shirts that are oversized, shapeless and all made out of the same material. Oh, and you have three color choice… black, navy or black (though you may lose points for the navy in some circles…)
        I don’t know when attractive became synonymous with “untznius”.
        It’s very sad.

  12. formermonseyite

    I lived in Monsey for 11 years and if she was going to Ashar for an interview it wouldnt be a problem. But the fact that Hadassa was concerned enough to write a post about it – tells the world that the school that she is interviewing with is one of those schools that places a great deal of emphasis on the outward appearance of the parents. I know parents whoses children have been rejected from schools because they look too much like Baali Tshuva and schools do not want that kind of influence on their student body.

  13. the outfit? beautiful and classy. and the feature? a sure hit! well done, lady! well done, indeed!

  14. You look great. I’m just curious as to who is interviewing your son for this yeshiva–a male or female?

  15. You look great! Glad it all went well. As for a regular feature, I’d love it. I’m always looking for new ways to wear pieces.

  16. Why would you want your kids to attend a school that would reject them if their mother’s skirt is a few inches too short?

    • Sometimes there aren’t enough choices out there to be so picky, so you pick the choice closest to your hashkafa, and more importantly, the choice that is best for your child. Even if you have to wear a longer skirt for school visits and functions.

    • Attire shows a lot about a person. Modesty is a good thing.

      • the degree to which attire shows something about a person is debatable. but in any case, what exactly does a mother’s attire show about the kid?

        • it’s common knowledge that first impressions are the greatest. the way you dress tells a lot about your lifestyle, responsibility and ultimately reflects what values you are teaching your children.
          most jobs or interviews prefer the applicant dress conservatively and when it comes to your children, modesty is important.

  17. Love the outfit! I also like the idea of the fashion piece on your blog.
    Note that some clothing stores might sponsor your outfits if you agree to mention them on your site. This is a common arrangement these days, esp for popular bloggers.
    Good luck with the interview, hope it well well!

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