Daily Archives: August 19, 2010

Final Step

Tonight I will cross the final frontier. I will take the final step and throw out the remainder of my fat clothes. For the longest time I have been wearing pajamas and sweats that are about five sizes too big. There just didn’t seem any point in replacing them – I mean, they are so comfy and not tight and are worn and soft… Thankfully, the 45 lbs or so that I lost does not look to be returning at any point in the near future, so I really think it is time to let go.

I have some favourite pieces – perhaps I should make them into a quilt or something? My pink Betty Boop PJ pants and my black PJ pants with the candies all over them, that Old Navy was selling one Halloween season. My little Ms Sunshine jammies – my sign in name on the Frumster dating site was Lil Ms Sunshine, so these PJs really tickled my funny bone.

I have great sweat pants, but they are huge. It is time to pass them on to a better home. My Juicy workout pants too – yes, indeed, that’s what it says across the behind, and while I never wore them out of the house, it always seemed weird advertising to me…to have the word JUICY on your butt.

So, before I go to sleep, I will bag up that which doesn’t fit, and close the book on my fat clothes and my fat years. I feel healthier than I have in a long time, ‘cept for the gnarly back pain, and I take great pride in knowing how far I have come.

Update Pantry

I went shopping for groceries earlier. Got home. Put stuff away. Realized I hadn’t bought the beans and the barley that I need for the cholent. I have to go back out.

Don’t you wish that the pantry took inventory of itself and updated your blackberry with what was missing? There must be an app for that. Sigh. Or, plug in a weeks worth of menus, and it tells you what you are missing, ingredients-wise.

My pantry is a big black hole and things disappear. The kids open the pantry expecting for new things to appear in the 15 minutes since they were there, but I know there is a disappear button somewhere in there.

Back to the store….trudge trudge trudge….

Random Thought

I had a physical today at the GP. Just the regular check up, nothing special. Doc is a frum guy, big long beard, yarmulke, tzitzit. Asked me where my husband davens etc. Was very comfortable with him. Of course, when he came in the room it didn’t occur to me to shake his hand, because us religious folk don’t do that between the sexes. But then, he had to touch me to examine me. So would it have been so heinous if I would have stuck out my hand? Just thinking aloud…..