Daily Archives: August 22, 2010

Slice of Life

Sigh. It was a cute song. I learned it from a Scottish cousin a long time ago, at a Hogmanay / New Year’s Eve / Sheva Brachot in Jerusalem in the 1990’s. It goes something like this (must sing with strong Scots accent) :

You canny shove your granny off a bus
You canny shove your granny off a bus
You canny shove your granny
Coz she’s your mammy’s mammy
You canny shove your granny of a bus.

You can shove your other granny off a bus
You can shove your other granny off a bus
You can shove your other granny
Coz she’s no’ your mammy’s mammy
You can shove your other granny of a bus.

(YouTube version ).I taught it years ago to the kids. We had much merriment. They would occasionally remember it, sing it, and then file it away for future reference. I recently taught it to the KoD (why oh why did I do that??). Who taught it to his kids this weekend. All weekend long I had to listen to butchered Scottish accents singing this song off key. And just when I thought the torture was over, someone somewhere in the house would start off singing it again. Sigh.

Next time I think I want to teach my family a song, I will think more than twice. In fact, I think I am done teaching them songs. Just cringing at the thought of what they would do to Welsh songs. I should teach them Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Land of My Fathers). That’ll teach them to torture me. Or better yet, I should try to find a local Eisteddfod. Ha!!

Limits are necessary

Was just in the car with my boybies. They have uploaded music to the hard drive in the car (did you know you could do that??) and love to listen to this noise when we are driving. I happened to see that the singer was Chris Brown. I asked them why they were listening to music by some guy who beat up his girlfriend – and this sparked a discussion.

My eldest explained to his brothers that for people like Chris Brown the fame goes to his head. When you have no boundaries, there is ample opportunity to do what you want and not have to face consequences. He made the connection that the Torah imposes limits on us – mitzvot and aveirot – in order to make us better people. If we have no limits, we can do whatever we want and there would be anarchy in this world. Every society needs guidelines on how to live. He said some of the rich and famous believe they are above the law because they can buy themselves out of trouble.

Only just 15, and already wise…