Daily Archives: August 23, 2010

Thank You

A big thank you to the lady in Walmart who explained to me what a “supply box” was. Why could the supply list not say “pencil box”? Here I was thinking I had to buy a milk crate or something. So, thank you, helpful lady!! Hope your back to school shopping goes smoothly. Oh, and thanks for explaining to me what a composition notebook is – it’s the hardbacked notebook with the marbled covers. You learn something new every day.

And in other news, I wanted to share this, from my son’s supply list. Made me smile.

Supply List

Gift Etiquette

When you are invited to a social function by a friend – like a barmitzvah or a wedding, or even a birthday dinner, and you bring a gift, you generally sign the card from yourself and your spouse. Sometimes from the kids too. That’s a no-brainer, right?

But what if you are invited to a similar occasion by a business associate? You know them through work, and don’t much socialize. But they wanted to include you, as a representative of your company, in their event, be it a wedding, a bris or a barmitzvah. Your spouse joins you at this celebration, and you bring a gift. Your business is paying for the gift. Who do you sign the card from? Yourself and your spouse? Just yourself? Yourself and your company? Or “your friends at So-and-so Company?”

Curious as to what you think….

School Supplies

This is the season where we parents all descend on the Walmarts and Staples and Bureau en Gros and pick their shelves clean. We need pencils and erasers and a certain type of binder. Dividers and hole punchers, sticky tape and glue. And it is different for each child.

I have a question for you back to school parents. Do you send in EVERYTHING they ask for (80 pencils)? Or do you send in the minimum, knowing that if you sent everything on the list it would get lost by September 10th? Do your kids use everything you buy? Do you buy everything new or do you recycle from last year, even if the kids complain it isn’t cool? Share your tried and tested tips!!