Card Conundrum

I was toying with the idea of Shana Tova cards, basically, ever since the talented Leigh-Ann emailed me with the link to her new website of New Year cards. I love them, and I think this is a wonderful way to wish people a Happy New Year. (Yeah, I am a bit late on this but I guess it can apply to any occasion).

I would love to put pictures on it – but some of the kids refuse to pose… so do you think it’s ok to just have a pic of me and the KoD? Or no pic at all?

And then I got to thinking – how would we sign the card? My kids have a different last name than I do, and I use my maiden name and my married name.

So what are the options?

Shana Tova from the Milner / BoysName family? (But then, the SABO is left out…..) OR

Shana Tova from the nine of us – I would list all first names? OR

Shana Tova from QoH and KoD and assorted princes and princesses?

(There is laundry and housework to be done, but I much prefer to spend my time worrying about this…. 😀 )

9 responses to “Card Conundrum

  1. Once you have a picture on it, why not sign the names?The recipient will know who its from from looking at the picture. Plus, signing a card with only your first name is so much more personal, I think.

  2. lady lock and load

    save your money sweets and don’t bother with it. nobody does it around here.

  3. I come from a large blended family as well (8 kids) I think most things were signed “From Our Family to Yours”.

  4. If you are only sending it to people you know then simply used first names for everybody.
    BTW – Do people really send cards today? I remember back in the day when there lists and lists. Questions about who sent us a card last year, do we send this one or that one a card? The process occupied an entire month (lol).

    BTW2 – Shanna Tova v’Metukah

  5. my favorite is the last option, i think it’s original and funny, but not too corny 🙂

  6. Last thing first…

    If everyone is going to get the “KoD-QoH” reference, I like the third option. My next choice is the second option–I suppose “Hadassah and Ira, and (the names of the princes and princesses).”

    Regarding the picture, I think it’s OK to just have a picture of the KoD and you, if the kids won’t cooperate. It’s their loss if they can’t allow themselves to have one picture.

    L’shana Tova Tikotevu from the “other” royalty (Nancy and me).

  7. I’d use first names, even if the kids don’t make it into the picture. Or you could do something funny & say something like “There are so many of us, we couldn’t get everyone together at the same time for a photo! L’shana tova, from our (very big!) family to yours.”

  8. The last option has my vote!

  9. i, too, love this sentiment! and your third idea on the list couldn’t possibly be sweeter and is sure to bring smiles all around!

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