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Strengths and Weaknesses

Further to a conversation with a new friend, I wanted to ask you guys what you saw as your strengths and weaknesses. What personality traits are you proud of and what do you need to work on most? What do you see in other people that makes you cringe, when really you know you have the same character trait? What have you done / are you doing to improve yourself?

Personally, I hate how I take things to heart. So long as I know what I am doing is right, it should matter a lot less to me how other people might perceive me. I am working on that. One of my strengths is the depth of my love for my family and friends. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for someone I love. I am proud that for the most part I am patient with the kids. I feel like I am always evolving, learning more about myself and trying to improve.


Eye Candy

Oh Hashkafah.com, some of your posts do make me laugh.

Case in point:

So you’re out with your husband at a simcha or with friends, and he mentions that he likes to take you out with him because you’re eye candy.

How would you react?

I would love it. The KoD would never be so uncouth, though,  as to volunteer this information out of the blue. He might say that I am looking lovely tonight or that he is proud to walk into a simcha hall with me on his arm. And there being an age gap and all, he loves the fact that it’s obvious he has what it takes to be with a young good-looking chick like me!

On the flip side, I believe I have told him that I love walking in to a simcha with him as my arm candy…and he was flattered.

So, readers, what do you think? Is being called eye / arm candy insulting to you? Or does it flatter you?

…and they are all (well almost all) at school.

The summer is officially OVER. Well for them anyway. They get a few days of school, then comes Rosh Hashannah, a few more days of school, then Yom Kippur, then Sukkot break. So, if we revisit my first statement, summer might be over, but school doesn’t really start until after the chagim.

But then again, if it doesn’t really start till after the chagim, what the heck am I doing waking up at the crack of dawn to imbibe my caffeinated sanity-drink in order to be bright eyed and bushy tailed (ha!) to get the kidlets up and off to school?!!

This morning, I had 3 of them out by 7.30. I always like to say I would pack lunches the night before, but hey, I am good, but not that good. Besides, being children, they would change their mind about what they wanted with a few hours of decent sleep.

The little one is showering right now, excited about the first day of third grade. He has decided to wear a button-down shirt and dress pants for his first day. His backpack is ready by the front door, and his excitement has been building for days.

The others played it very cool – after all, in seventh, eighth and tenth grade, you have had a lot of first days. I am glad that at least one of them is excited!! (but can he keep the chattering down a bit, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet?!).

Me, what will I do today? I think as soon as ChatterBox’s carpool has left, I will go back to bed. Because I can. Ha! The other choice is to clean and do laundry. Hmm, which would you pick?

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