Strengths and Weaknesses

Further to a conversation with a new friend, I wanted to ask you guys what you saw as your strengths and weaknesses. What personality traits are you proud of and what do you need to work on most? What do you see in other people that makes you cringe, when really you know you have the same character trait? What have you done / are you doing to improve yourself?

Personally, I hate how I take things to heart. So long as I know what I am doing is right, it should matter a lot less to me how other people might perceive me. I am working on that. One of my strengths is the depth of my love for my family and friends. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for someone I love. I am proud that for the most part I am patient with the kids. I feel like I am always evolving, learning more about myself and trying to improve.

2 responses to “Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. I see a big weakness in my lack of self-confidence. I tend to devaluate all I do and I am very afraid of rejection. My strength would be my faith, and my ability to never give up, as well as to see what’s good in others. I need to work most on my feelings of anxiety that tend to paralyze me in all I want to do.

  2. Seems everyone else who reads the post is either:
    a) perfect
    b) seriously not into introspection
    c) have self esteem issues
    d) some combination of the above

    Personally, I feel one of my greater strengths is loyalty and communication skills. I feel I need to work harder on accepting critisism.

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