Daily Archives: September 6, 2010

I did not flirt with the sheriff….

I received this BBM within the last hour:

Only you can lose ur keys in da trunk and then flirt with sheriff and blame KoD.

My dear sweet misguided friend, I did not lose my keys. I did not flirt with the sheriff. And blaming KoD – well, if the shoe fits!!

Do you want to know what really happened? The KoD had to go to his office today to pick some stuff up and drop some stuff off. It’s all the way up in Ellenville, in the Catskills. The kids were all in school this morning, so I figured it’s a less-than 3 hour round trip, total undivided quality time with my husband. (Now I have the Gilligan’s Island theme song in my head….a three hour tour…) We could catch up with each other and just enjoy each other’s company, no one interrupting, and be back in time for the kids to get home from school. (the first shift anyway!)

We got there in due time, and took care of business. It was time to leave. The car was locked.

-Dude, unlock the car for me please.

-It is unlocked.

-Uh……. no. Come on, dude, unlock it please. (taps foot slightly impatiently hoping this isn’t yet another one of his practical jokes).

-Where’re the keys at?

– Don’t you have them?

It took a moment or two to sink in that neither of us had the keys and the car was locked and we were 90 miles away from home, 90 minutes away from kids coming home from school.

The KoD retraced his steps, turned out his pockets, made me turn out my purse (even though I knew that I didn’t have them in it) and looked everywhere. He went all over the offices and the warehouse. He then remembered he used his key to open up a box of samples earlier, and the box was now where? In the trunk…. We figured that the keys were in the trunk. D’Oh!!

(OK, I have to say I was soooo glad this wasn’t my fault. Not that anyone was angry at the other, just I was glad I hadn’t been responsible. Actually there was no freakoutage – we took it all within our stride).

One of the office people called the local sheriff to come and unlock the door for us. And here I was thinking that we would have to call a mechanic or something. Had no idea this kind of thing fell within the purview of the local sheriff.

Within 10 minutes he was in front of the building. He called in the license plate, and clambered out of his vehicle with a long wire thing and a wedge. He had the KoD sign a form – but interestingly enough he didn’t ask to see his license and registration.

So then he set about teaching us how to break into a car 😉 !! Just kidding! He wedged the thingy into the window in such a way that he could put the wire thru and use it to press on the unlock button. (No flirting occurred. So there, woman!!) Earlier I had suggested I use a clothes hanger and got suspicious looks. It works. I know it does. Ummm…..from movies? Yeah…..

We scrambled to the trunk and found the keys underneath a pile of boxes that the KoD had loaded in. Thank God they were there. I was slightly concerned that they wouldn’t be. We hopped back in the car and were on our way.

Luckily I had left a note on the fridge explaining where we were on the off-chance that we wouldn’t make it back in time for the kids to come home from school. I called home and issued instructions, everyone knew what they needed to do and who they needed to watch. It’s such a pleasure having older kids!!

I am so ready for a nap….

So dear friend, I did NOT lose my keys in the trunk, I did NOT flirt with the sheriff and it was indeed the KoD’s fault. So there! Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!!

(The KoD gave me permission to blog this….just in case you guys are concerned he might be offended).