Daily Archives: September 12, 2010

Oh the questions they ask

Driving home today from the store little Prince ChatterBox decided to ask me how credit cards work. I explained to him as simply as I could, and of course he asked me a ton of questions. He then wanted to know how credit card companies in Israel make money, after I told him that if you don’t pay your balance they charge you interest. According to biblical law you cannot charge interest on a loan to another Jew.

I was stumped. How do the credit card companies and banks in Israel get around this prohibition? Anyone?


Minor Rant

There are many bigger issues in the world to rant about. I know. But I am ticked off. I spent hours and many dollars before school started making sure that every child in this house had all the supplies they needed and that were specified on the list provided by the (3) schools. I spent even more time labeling and packing up their schoolbags. On the first day I breathed a sigh of relief.

My third grader came home last week, erev Rosh Hashannah, with a list of more stuff that he needed. I already sent 48 pencils but apparently there is a need to separate the Jewish studies pencils from the secular studies pencils, so I have to send 48 more. There was no way I was running out to the store right before the holiday to buy all this extra stuff, so I went today. There was a note on the list – the child must have all the supplies by tomorrow. I went to Walmart – it had been picked clean. We shlepped across town to Target where we found absolutely nothing in the way of school supplies. (But we did bump into Chaviva and Evan!!)

The kid was getting cranky, and who can blame him? He wanted to come home and take it easy. I told him we would try Rite Aid as a last ditch attempt, then go home. I assured him he would not be the only boy in his class without the extra list stuff. Luckily Rite Aid had most of what we needed – I should have started there first. There will still be a couple more things that I will run to Staples for while they are at school tomorrow.

Do I expect similar lists to come home for the other 3, or is it safe to assume that is it for now??