Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

I’m addicted

Yes you read that right. I have an addiction. OK, another addiction. We all know about the coffee! I am addicted to the written word. I love books. I love how they feel in my hands, I love the smoothness of the paper, and I love being whisked away to other times and climes all through the power of the printed word. I will read almost anything fictional. Murder mysteries, romances (oh how I love chick-lit – I could so write a bunch of those), some sci-fi so long as it’s not too out there, Vampire / Horror stuff…. I gobble it all up. All time favourite authors? The Kellerman family, hands down. Jonathan and Faye are awesome, and their son Jesse is worthy of the family name!

Libraries fuel my addiction. It’s like walking into heaven, and not knowing which way to turn. One of the things I always wanted to impart to my children was my love of reading. I have been so blessed that they all find comfort between the covers of various different types of books.

We usually go to the library at least once a week. It’s only Monday and I have already been twice! Yesterday I went alone to return books and get some for myself to last the week. The boys were fasting so they didn’t want to come. Today rolls around and they realize that they have read through their stacks of books and need more. So off we went.

It fills me with such happiness to see families together at the library, perhaps sitting with their young child who is sounding out words, helping an older child with research, or just reading a story together. Books are one’s ticket to experiencing the world.

As long as we have books in the house, I will never hear “Ima, I’m bored”. I am amazed at the amount of information the kids have picked up from their books – well, when they don’t take out only Spiderman comic anthologies!! Boys being boys they are interested in war, and weaponry, so many of the books they take out deal with that subject. The KoD reads all about that kind of stuff too, so it makes for excellent discussions. (Oh to be able to talk fashion and women’s lib with someone…..sigh. Testosterone overload over here).

I have toyed with the idea of a Nook or a Kindle, but I would miss the feel of a real book. And you’d need to have real books for Shabbat. And books cost for the Nook / Kindle. So I am sticking with my library card. It’s worth so much to me.

I know our tax dollars support the local libraries – money well spent if you ask me.

Are you a reader? What genre of book is your favourite? Do you buy books or support your local library? Are you a Nook / Kindle person? Talk books to me, people!!



I recently made a new friend. We connected through carpool. I knew no one at my son’s school and asked the secretary for the number of someone to call so I could carpool with them. I called #1 on the list and we instantly hit it off. We have the same whacked out sense of humor, the same impatience for the ridiculosities that abound in our communities, similar approaches to child rearing and the same outlook on life.

After many phone calls, emails, (attending one shiur together) and driving each other’s kids back and forth to school, we met for lunch today. (Gosh, this sounds almost like dating!!)

So, as many of you know, my life up to this point has not exactly been a boring one. Telling over my life history and my family dynamics – well it takes a while. So I said to my lovely new friend (I must think up a name for her…aha! I have it! Lady Florence of the Brick) wouldn’t it be convenient if I had a CliffsNotes of my life that I could just whip out and hand out to new friends and acquaintances. We’ve already talked about flash cards to hand to people – how about a CliffsNotes of your own life?

The first chapter in my CliffsNotes would be “Yes I was born in Wales and that indeed makes me a Welsh Jew!” – the one thing that most people seem to be surprised by. What would be your first chapter?


The New Year is upon us. It’s going to be a great year. I pray this is a year of no more separation from the KoD, a year in which the Green Card becomes a reality (interview next week).

This promises to be a year of simchas – my third son, Prince HockeyFan will become a barmitzvah in March (just typing that I teared up). I have already booked the hall, and have my speech more or less ready inside my head. (breathe breathe….)

May this be a year of success for our children in school, and may they continue to nurture their new and old friendships.

May the love that the KoD and I share continue to grow stronger and stronger each day, as it has since the day we met. What a blessing to be able to share my life with him!!

What are you looking forward to, hoping for, this year?