Timely Reminder

Last night as I was unpacking the last of the boxes (it’s driving me nuts to not have everything already unpacked, even though I do not have space to put everything), as I lifted one of my favourite fancy serving platters out of the box, I felt a stinging in my finger. I looked down to see that the platter was broken, and one of the jagged edges had sliced my thumb open. Blood was dripping everywhere.

I was home with two of the kids, the other two were at Maariv with the KoD. One of the kids that was at home doesn’t deal well with blood so I sent him out of the room after he brought me some tissues. I put pressure on the wound, and called up Lady Lock and Load, my neighbour, to come and help me. I wasn’t sure if I needed stitches or not.

Lady LnL was awesome. We finally stopped the bleeding, and no stitches were necessary. Hopefully I won’t have much of a scar.

But my subsequent conversation with her and the KoD once he had come home, was that I could have called Hatzoloh. However, being new here, I had no clue what their number was, plus I doubt I would have called them over something so minor. I was also worried, because in Montreal, whenever the kids sliced fingers open, or those kind of things happened (and believe me, with four boys, they DO happen often) it’s straight to the ER. Here, in NY, apparently you avoid the ER and go straight to the plastic surgeon – I think?!

When the children were little I remember teaching them to dial 911, and teaching them how to dial Hatzoloh too. We had drills, and tested it out, and I never had to worry that they wouldn’t know what to do.

Last night’s incident has reminded me that I need to learn the new (to us) number for Hatzoloh, and teach it to the children. We also need to have a conversation about emergencies and what to do. We need a new game plan as we are in a new environment. I need to make sure the kids have all emergency phone numbers on them, and know who to call in different situations.

Do you have an emergency plan? Do your kids know who to call in different situations? At what age did you start teaching them?


8 responses to “Timely Reminder

  1. I’m glad you’re doing well. Here there’s a “glue” you can buy for cuts to reduce need for stitches. They’ve had it for over twenty years in the hospitals, because they used it on my elder son twenty years ago after stitching all the really serious cuts after a car accident. For the rest they sprayed the special glue. It was all removed three weeks later when the stitches were taken out. Yes, he was cut that seriously, which was minor compared to the dislocated pelvis. And Thank the Good L-rd, he healed and then even served in the Israeli paratroopers.

    • my kids have been glued instead of stitched in various places – i remember a head wound and a finger being glued. but BH nothing as serious as what your son went through!

      We have an over the counter “liquid band-aid” thing here, but I am not sure that it would have been strong enough for my cut yesterday.

  2. lady lock and load

    The phone number for hatzolah in Rockland County is 425-1600. I have this phone number displayed near my kitchen phone. It also would be a good idea to put large reflective numbers on your house, this way hatzolah or ambulance can find your house quickly. It’s hard to find the house numbers in these parts the streets are so dark….
    If the bleeding didn’t stop I would have called hatzolah, this was not too minor of a thing to call them. Thank G-d it stopped after I squeezed you to smithereens (sorry sweety!) Glad it is all better today!

  3. First refuah shlema 🙂
    Second things like this always remind me why we keep some first aid basics in the house and know how to use them. One of the really neat ones is bandages with a clotting agent. This helps cuts seal up faster once bandaged until you can get medical assistance.
    I recommend speaking to your Dr and asking which items you should stock your home first aid box with.
    Stay safe.

  4. lady lock and load

    do they have special bandaids that stay glued on for an hour or so, specifically made for the mouths of chutzpadik kids? Or for husbands (not the KoD of course!!!) Hmmm, I should manufacture some of those, I am sure there is a market….:)

  5. You needed a butterfly bandage.

  6. Evan got certified in CPR and first aide last year so he is our in-house medic 🙂

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