Dinosaur Oatmeal

Can anyone help me out? In Montreal my little ones enjoyed the Quaker Instant Oatmeal with the Dinosaur Eggs in it – like little sugar eggs that dissolved to reveal coloured dinosaurs. I cannot find the oatmeal here. I have looked in every grocery store I have been to. Did they discontinue it?

This is what the box looks like:


11 responses to “Dinosaur Oatmeal

  1. I’ve seen it in our grocery stores and I live in the sticks.

  2. I see it in Target sometimes.

  3. lady lock and load

    They’ll probably mail you some if you write a blog about them! I used to get those for my kids a very long time ago. Have not seen them in years!

  4. Target in Spring Valley has it.

  5. Ditto the Target comments. Good luck!

  6. Dinosaurs probably aren’t allowed in the Monsey area.

    Now, why is a loving responsible mother feeding her child so much sugar, eh?

    • it’s an occasional treat…..

      wait, frum people don’t believe in dinosaurs? why not?

      • Hadassah, hang out in Monsey a bit longer and you’ll run into it.

        Suffice to say that recently I mentioned out here in the beit midrash that I was in Monsey at my old best friend’s for a Shabbat (we should be there again on Shabbat Noah), and a joker interjected, ‘wait! They ALLOW you in Monsey?!’ ‘Course, the guy who said it does physics at the Labs, so I’m not sure they’d let him in either; even with his suit and hat.

        Chanief, that story about trying to buy stuffed animals for your Chabadnik sister is great!

    • That’s pretty funny. Reminded me of the time I went shopping for baby gifts for my sister’s triplets. I wanted tiny little stuffed animals for their incubators and all anyone had was animals that were not kosher (my sister is Lubavitch.) The woman helping me at Carter’s said “what about these cute little monsters?” I said I thought that was fine because monsters don’t really exist, to which she replied “well then these stuffed dinosaurs should be fine too…” Touche!

  7. H – You would be surprised at the number of otherwise reasonable people who do not believe in dinosaurs. They associate them with the carbon dating that scientists do on fossilized bones, rocks and petrified wood, which pegs the earth’s age as much older than the traditional 5762 years. They believe that the bones discovered by archaelogists are a test of our belief. No, I don’t agree either.

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