Daily Archives: October 2, 2010

Oh Vanity of Vanities!

Sigh. A few days ago I posted a pic of myself on Facebook, asking for help in removing the bags and dark circles under my eyes. I look perpetually tired and am fed up of having to use concealer every single day.

A few friends suggested different products, and I had seen a commercial for one of them, happened to see the same product at Costco the next day so I picked it up. It’s the Olay Regenerist Eye Roller.

I know these products have to be used on a daily basis for a while until any improvement is noted, so I eagerly applied this product Monday night, and again Tuesday night, and on Wednesday before the start of the Jewish Holiday. By Thursday night the area in which I had applied it was red and puffy, and by Friday morning the bags under my eyes were red and swollen and tremendously puffy. I couldn’t get my lenses in. KoD (bless him) tried to reassure me that it didn’t look that bad, but the kids took one look at me and said I looked absolutely awful, one of them even used the word “scary”.

I tried putting slices of cucumbers on my eyes to reduce the swelling. Didn’t work – but it made the boys giggle. I took an anti-histamine yesterday and today (it’s now Saturday night) without seeing any improvement in the swelling. If it is still this bad tomorrow morning I will go visit the doctor to see if there is something stronger he can give me. I feel like I have a burn under each eye.

That will teach me to mess with Mother Nature. I guess I should just embrace the bags and dark circles. After all it is genetic.

Monday morning I will be calling the Olay helpline to see what they have to say. I will definitely be asking Costco to give me back my money. Meanwhile I cannot get my lenses in, nor can I wear make up. I didn’t even want to leave the house because I look so frightful.

I wonder what is in the product that it caused me this reaction. My son said I should sue the company – but I think you can only do that if there is lasting damage, and I am hoping for this not to be the case.

So if you saw me in shul over the last couple of days, and wondered why I looked like I had been crying for years on end, now you know.