Daily Archives: October 4, 2010


Growing up when we had homework we did it alone, in our bedrooms, at our desks, and we didn’t come out until it was done. (Or until we were done wasting time pretending to do homework).

The boys have very recently been introduced to the idea of doing homework with a friend. I am not sure this is a good thing or not. How do you make sure that one kid isn’t giving the other kid all the answers? How do you ensure that they are making the most of their time?

The teachers are not complaining and I suppose that is a good sign, but I am still not convinced. To me it just seems like an excuse to socialize and perhaps get some work done halfheartedly at the same time. Do I have a point or am I an old fuddy-duddy who needs to get with the times?


Flu Shots

So now that I have health insurance, and don’t have to pay out of pocket for a flu shot, I have been thinking about it. Up in Canada only the very young, the old and the sick were able to get a flu shot, and even if you wanted to pay for it out of pocket, you would have to wait until the priority cases got their shots to see if there were any left over.

I was at the MD today (getting cortisone cream for my face after what happened last week) and they had a lot of people coming in for the shot. I thought that seeing as I was there I may as well do it. But then again, I am not someone who often gets the flu, and when I have had the shot in the past I recall getting sick from it.

So I didn’t go ahead with it. I can go any time and get it, so IF I do decide to have it, it won’t be a problem.

What are your thoughts? I know there are those people who are against vaccinations of any kind. I don’t want to get into that here, today. Let’s just stick to the flu shot – does it work? Doesn’t it? What’s been your experience? Would you? Why? Why not?


I wonder why they happen? The other day, I think it was Shabbat, I lay down in the afternoon to take a nap. Five minutes later I was wide awake with my heart pounding, the sweat pouring off me. I had dreamt that I was behind the wheel of a car, and trying to navigate traffic, but I couldn’t see much out of my eyes. Like when Al Pacino was driving in Scent of a Woman? And I was trying to dodge all the cars, but they kept coming at me, and I finally managed to cross the intersection and I woke up, bathed in sweat.

The other week I dreamt I gave birth to a stillborn baby after not even knowing I was pregnant….

I wonder what it all means…. they really cannot be anxiety dreams, because my stress level has gone down since I officially moved here.



Last night, while he was preparing for bed, my little one came to me. “Ima”, he said, “do you think you could make me my oatmeal before you wake me up tomorrow morning, so that by the time I get out of bed it will be the right temperature?”

Who does he think he is? Goldilocks??

And no, I didn’t make it before he got up. We made it together with him chatting away. And within a few minutes the temperature was just right. Much better my way.

Bus Stop

Just curious – until what age do you wait with your child for the school bus? We are fortunate in that the buses all stop in front of our house so I can keep an eye on the kids from the window if the weather is bad. I don’t wait outside with the three oldest. For them they say it isn’t cool plus they don’t need it. I do, however, wait outside with the 8 year old until his bus comes. For me that fulfills two functions. 1) I make sure he is safe and gets on the right bus and 2) I get to socialize a little with the other moms.

What about you?