Daily Archives: October 7, 2010

New phenomenon

Well, new to me. Today I had to take the children to a medical appointment, and that necessitated me taking them out of school.

At every one of the three schools that educate my children, I had to physically sign them out at the office. They all had sign out books, and won’t allow the child to leave unless there is a parent or a recognized “safe” adult there to pick them up.

In all our years at our previous school many kids came and went as they pleased, without the office knowing or even being aware. Personally I always made sure the office knew, but there was nothing formal to sign.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing my kids are safe in school.

Was I wrong?

Bumped into a friend today at the store. A friend who I knew for years in Montreal and now lives down here in Spring Valley. I have to tell you, it is so nice to bump into someone I know at the store. Sometimes I just feel so obviously NEW here. So this was welcome!

Anyway, she wanted to introduce me to someone she was with, and she said “this is my friend Hadassah ExsLastName”. She knew me for years by that name and even though she knows I am now remarried, maybe she didn’t know my new married name. So I actually said to the other person, “My name is Hadassah Milner now, nice to meet you”. I didn’t mean to make my friend uncomfortable, and I told her after that I wasn’t insulted that she used my former married name, but that my name is Milner now, and I am proud to use it.

On reflection, maybe I should have said something to her afterwards, not in front of her friend, but thing is, if I was going to meet this other person again, she’d remember my name as something different.

My friend seemed to be ok with it, apologized, I told her it wasn’t necessary – the schools sometimes slip up, although down here they really make an effort to get it right, but the kids friends call me Mrs ExLastName until my boys point out to them that we have a different last name. Getting heated about it is a waste of energy.

So, was I wrong? Did I handle this situation ok? What should I have said / done?

Heinous or Harmless – Grocery Store

I just got back from doing some of the preShabbat grocery shopping. Slowly I am learning which stores sell what products, and I visit a few different stores to get what we need.

This morning I was at Monsey Glatt loading up the shopping cart (I bypassed the chicken feet although they looked really fresh) and the store was very busy, what with it being Thursday and all.

I stood in line to pay and at one of the check-outs I saw a teen girl loading up the conveyor belt thingie with all her stuff, while balancing a toddler on her hip. Her mother came back after a minute, her arms full of more things, dropped them on the belt, went back into the aisles, got more things, and repeated this a time or two.

I felt this was a tremendous chutzpah – we are all waiting in line to pay for our purchases, and she stationed her daughter at the front of the line so she wouldn’t have to wait and could complete her shopping in record time. She should have filled up her cart with everything and then stood in line.

I understand standing in line and then remembering one item. We’ve all been there. But this was ridiculous.

So I say this was Heinous – what do you say?