Heinous or Harmless – Grocery Store

I just got back from doing some of the preShabbat grocery shopping. Slowly I am learning which stores sell what products, and I visit a few different stores to get what we need.

This morning I was at Monsey Glatt loading up the shopping cart (I bypassed the chicken feet although they looked really fresh) and the store was very busy, what with it being Thursday and all.

I stood in line to pay and at one of the check-outs I saw a teen girl loading up the conveyor belt thingie with all her stuff, while balancing a toddler on her hip. Her mother came back after a minute, her arms full of more things, dropped them on the belt, went back into the aisles, got more things, and repeated this a time or two.

I felt this was a tremendous chutzpah – we are all waiting in line to pay for our purchases, and she stationed her daughter at the front of the line so she wouldn’t have to wait and could complete her shopping in record time. She should have filled up her cart with everything and then stood in line.

I understand standing in line and then remembering one item. We’ve all been there. But this was ridiculous.

So I say this was Heinous – what do you say?


17 responses to “Heinous or Harmless – Grocery Store

  1. ITA, heinous! Like you said, we’ve all been in the situation where we forgot ONE thing, and I can see being lenient here, but for all of her things? How frustrating! I hope you were in a different line!

  2. Absolutely — she was wrong to have the teenage daughter watching her own infant daughter….

  3. It’s not very nice, it’s inconsiderate, but I’m not sure if it reaches the level of heinous. 🙂

  4. My vote is heinous. Harmless would’ve been, “I don’t really have enough milk” or “whoops, forgot oranges”. One, even two items is understandable. Who hasn’t been there? But the whole list- not ok. So sorry lady but you and your kids can wait in line just like everyone else. But now you’re teaching your kids it’s ok to cut and being a bad example for mine.

  5. Mel from Monsey

    Welcome to Monsey!!!
    My wife and I have been in Monsey for over 20 years and we see this happening all the time. We call it Chutzpah and lack of consideration for others. But Monsey works by a different set of rules. Get used to it.

  6. Totally heinous. And bad chinuch to boot.

  7. How embarassing for the teenage daughter.

  8. Ugh, that’s so annoying.

  9. Outrageous behavior!

    The difference is, I am a man and past my half century mark. So I open my mouth and SPEAK.

    The chasidic women turn red/purple because I am, and look very chasidish they don’t expect it from a guy like me. Yes frum women in public act in a shy way, but some of them know that, and use it to their advantage, not expecting that anybody will call them out on that behavior. I assume you didn’t ‘say’ anything. You are just blogging about i.

    Should you have ‘said’ something, like “antchuldig” [excuse me!] this post would have been different. But those shnooks take advantage of frum ‘eidelkeit’.

  10. Unfortunately, this person may have been raised this way. It might actually not even be her fault for thinking this is normal. Children learn what they live. I’m going to guess that her teenage daughter will get married one day soon and repeat the behaviour. It is very common in Israel, and it just stinks!

  11. lady lock and load

    I live in Monsey too (for the past twenty years) and seldom come across this kind of behavior. I would have helped the girl unload her groceries onto the belt (since she was carrying a baby). and it would help me get out faster!

  12. this is pretty common in Israel. I see it at least once a month. I don’t like it but I’ve gotten used to it. but I still don’t let people with “just a few things” go ahead of me, as they feel they are entitled to do (many without asking). Folks, I’m shopping with 3 kids under 3, I need to get out of the store QUICK! before someone has a meltdown or a diaper explodes!

  13. Yes, that’s the best way to make a brit explode: cut the line…

  14. This is heinous…even in Monsey. 🙂

    I strongly disagree with Mark. It is beyond inconsiderate. From what it is described, the woman was continuing to shop while the daughter was holding up the line. Even in a frum neighborhood, I find it hard to believe that people (not to mention the management!) are going to put up with behavior like this.

  15. I’ve seen this happen in the states in non-frum neighborhoods, at the kosher supermarkets and here in Israel. Bad behavior is everywhere. Here in Israel I actually said something to the woman, who said to me “I am Israeli”, to which I answered, “so am I”. She then said, “I served in the army”, to which I said, “obviously, they didn’t teach you any manners there”. This shut her up, but she did not relinquish her space in line. I however, felt great that I got that zinger in.

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