New phenomenon

Well, new to me. Today I had to take the children to a medical appointment, and that necessitated me taking them out of school.

At every one of the three schools that educate my children, I had to physically sign them out at the office. They all had sign out books, and won’t allow the child to leave unless there is a parent or a recognized “safe” adult there to pick them up.

In all our years at our previous school many kids came and went as they pleased, without the office knowing or even being aware. Personally I always made sure the office knew, but there was nothing formal to sign.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing my kids are safe in school.

5 responses to “New phenomenon

  1. Welcome to the US of A!!

  2. It’s probably also a legal thing so they can blunt the effect of any possible lawsuit if something happens to a child that was taken out of school.

    We have to fill out forms for each child listing EXACTLY who is permitted to sign the child out. And there is another form for “one time” grant of permission for someone else not on the list.

  3. This is normal in America – public & private schools, to my personal knowledge.

    It was also handy one time last year when I got a call from an administrator that my middle school daughter had cut a class. It was very satisfying to tell the administrator that SHE was in the wrong: I had signed out my daughter for a dentist appointment at the exact time the teacher claimed she cut a class. Talk about incompetence: it would have been nice if the administrator had checked the log (or checked with the office staff who all saw me sign out my daughter) first.

  4. It’s definitely been required here for a while. My mom or grandparents had to sign me out in elementary school. In high school it was more flexible because upperclassmen had off campus privileges- which really meant they went on food runs for everyone else.

    It wasn’t quite as tight as it is now with the forms for each kid and the “safe lists” and all but the schools definitely kept track of it.

  5. It’s great that you are so appreciative of this phenomenon, rather than viewing it as an inconvenience when you were perhaps in a rush. Yay for kid safety!

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