Daily Archives: October 11, 2010

Can you do it all?

Today I mused on my facebook wall “Do I even have time to work??” I have been spending a lot of time lately on polishing up a resume, getting references in place, and trying to decide which avenues of work to pursue.

I am busy from son up to son down (pun totally intended) and never get through my to-do list. There is always laundry to do, the house keeps needing to be cleaned, errands have to be run, doctors appointments, dentist appointments – and out where we live we spend a lot of time in the car doing all the running to and fro.

It was the opinion of my friends that if I do work out of the house, something will have to give, somewhere I will have to cut corners. The housework might take a back seat, or the 4 course Shabbat meals might become simpler. They were all of the consensus that there is no way one can do it all. And that frightens me. I am a can-do type of gal and I want to do it all. I want to be the best mom / step-mom to the kids. I want to be the kind of wife that every man wants, and that the KoD is lucky enough to have. I want my house to be clean and organized. I want my family to be well fed with yummy food. But apparently if I push myself to be all of these things AND work outside the home – I am asking for burnout.

Can I do it all? Can you do it all? Is it possible? Is there a cost? Is it worth it?


Location Location Location!

Car pool this morning. Around 7.30 am. Couple of adorable 11 year old boys in my car and one 14 year old (mine). After complaining about the long school day they had coming up (no sympathy from me) they got on to the subject of real estate. One little boy said that he would not invest ALL his money in a house. He would buy something small, and use the rest of his money to “buy other stuff” because if you sink all your wealth into one house, you have nothing left over and that isn’t very smart!

They then had a discussion about where the houses are cheaper and more expensive, and they already understand that where demand is high, the houses will cost more.

Fast forward 20 years from now – I wonder if these two boys will be real estate tycoons….

I love driving car pool – you learn so much from the kids!!!

Our weekend

Do you ever feel like you need a weekend in order to recover from the weekend? This past weekend it was all stations go, and I am exhausted. Yet here it is Monday morning, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving in Canada (Happy Turkey Day to my peeps back home), and it’s back to the daily grind. No chance to sleep in or take it easy.

My almost 90 year old mother-in-law was with us for Shabbat which was a treat. So I cooked up a major storm, pulled out all the stops, worried I did not have enough food, so I made more, and now BH I have a refrigerator full of food even though we ate till we couldn’t eat anything more.

We had plenty of visitors dropping in from out of town, and even had the pleasure of watching one of our great-nephews for a few hours. I don’t recall my 3 year olds being this tiring! But I was much younger then – maybe that’s what makes the difference?

Anyhow, hopefully be back to blogging a little bit later once I have caught up on laundry and housework. Kids are in school today, but no busing so I am off to do car pool.

I am exhausted, but a good exhausted….

Sometimes I feel there is not enough coffee in this world….