Daily Archives: October 14, 2010

Hollywood Separations – a vent

I am so sick of reading about these Hollywood couples that are separating and divorcing and pledging that they will remain the best of friends and they only want the other person to be happy and fulfilled.

It’s a bunch of hogwash!!

Every separation is painful, no matter how called for it is, no matter if it’s what both sides want. It takes a lot of time (and therapy perhaps) to get to the point that you truly wish the other person well. And when you have been living your life in the public eye, it must be even harder.

But then again their press people can’t really say “our client hates her ex’s guts and plans to get every penny he has, so that even if he has run off with his flavour of the month, he won’t get to spend any money on her, and if he brings that woman within 10 feet of her children she will call the police”.

Why do I even read any of these stories? They just get under my skin.

I just hope they all remember to put the children first. Children are so precious – don’t let them be dragged through the mud too.


Heinous or Harmless – Sweatshirt

My son catches the school bus at 7.23 to take him to high school. The bus stops outside our house, and he leaves the house a few minutes earlier just in case the bus is early. Today it was a few minutes late. When he left I was putting a load of laundry in the washer so I didn’t see him leave, he just called out his goodbyes. As I passed by my front room window soon after I noticed he was waiting for the bus without a jacket or a sweatshirt. It was cold this morning, I was wearing a wrap at 7.50 while waiting with the little one for the bus, and I was still freezing. (The cars were dusted with a light frost!!)

I briefly considered going outside with his sweatshirt and making him put it on. But he was waiting with a friend (who WAS wearing a sweater) and I didn’t want to embarrass him. The boys have told me they can handle the cold a lot better due to their experience of the Montreal winters, and that just because I am cold, it doesn’t mean they are.

Would it have been so heinous and embarrassing for me to have brought him a sweater? Should I just let him freeze repeatedly until he learns his lesson? Is 15 old enough for him to make these decisions himself? Is wanting to have brought him a sweatshirt coddling him, or caring about him? Where does one draw the line?

Elevator is a room?

I spent some time at a local health centre yesterday, with my boys, getting them flu shots etc. This health centre is run by Jewish folk, and is in the heart of New Square – a very Chassidic area.

What really surprised me was to see that there was a mezuzah on every elevator! I have never seen this. I thought we just put mezuzahs on the entrances / doorposts to actual rooms. An elevator is not a room! It’s a mode of transportation. We don’t put mezuzot on our cars or buses. Isn’t this the same idea?