Daily Archives: October 22, 2010

What are you wearing?

Sometimes I get the oddest questions in my in-box!

No, I do not cook in heels and a full face of make-up. Yes I am a girlie girl and proud of it, but kitchen work is hot and sweaty, and you need to be nimble on your feet. Most of the time when I am cooking I am in sweatpants, with or without a skirt over them, a tee shirt, my denim apron, and a bandanna around my head. If there is make-up on then it’s only because I went somewhere before I started cooking (or I haven’t washed it off from the night before – heinous, I know).

Currently, I am doing the Shabbat cooking – in pink sweats and a black tee, hair piled on top of my head and glasses on my face. Generally, I wear my cooking tee shirt. It’s pink (duh!!) and says on it “I ❤ KoD”. If any of you skype with me on an erev Shabbat, you already know this and have seen the proof!

As for footwear, generally I wear my Crocs or my sneakers to cook. I want to get one of those gel kitchen mats that are supposed to minimize stress on the back, but am waiting till they go on sale, as they are very spendy.

But if for some reason you need to visualize me in the kitchen cooking in heels with pearls around my neck, well, you just go right ahead.

And yes, indeed, I have plenty of pink kitchen accessories.