Daily Archives: October 25, 2010

I’ll be missing you

I cannot believe what a baby I am. My KoD has to go away for business for just a few days and I am a total mess. I had 15 months of living away from him, 15 months of heartache and missing him. I guess I feel I paid my dues already. I am kinda used to having him around all the time, you know?

Seeing his face in the morning fills me with such joy and light – and falling asleep at night looking at that handsome punim makes me feel so contented. I know I am a person in my own right, but it’s almost like I need his presence in order to breathe…

Ugh. What a sap I am!

At least the kids are around to keep me busy and out of trouble, and I have a lot of projects I want to take care of in the evenings after the kids are down for the night. I am still on a job quest, and the house needs cleaning and organizing. I have baking and cooking to do. I am sure the time will fly by!


Sock Monster Strikes Again

How is it that I have TWENTY TWO odd socks in my sock box?? None are mine or the KoD’s, which I find interesting. Where on earth do their mates go? And how do I have a baby sock in there? We haven’t had babies for years…

Do you have a sock box? How many odd ones do you have? How long do you keep the odd ones before you give up and throw them all out??

How do they speak here??!!

I am continually correcting the children’s speech. Last night I had to tell them it was “couldn’t have” instead of “couldn’t of”. And now everyone is telling me, that now that I live in New York I must go with the flow. “You did good” is apparently acceptable, whereas “you did well”, or “you have done well” while correct, is not commonly used. One of my friends told me that she has even heard “You done did good”. Shudder. Apparently here one is allowed to butcher the English language and get away with it. Don’t even get me started on the spelling….

My grammarian head is hurting.

Target Practice

Is it just me, or do we provide the children with laundry hampers for the sole reason of giving them something to aim at? Seriously – the laundry is usually in the vicinity of the hamper, and on the odd occasion there is actually stuff to wash inside of the hamper. But to take the effort and put the item to be laundered into the hamper – perish the thought. They have to see if they can get a slam dunk from across the room without even looking, and if it misses, oops my bad, let’s try again with the other sock. If it falls out of range of the target it stays there. Apparently there is some unwritten rule against picking up laundry that is within 2 feet of the hamper. (I wanted to say six feet, but my kids do occasionally have good aim).

If there wasn’t a hamper, where would the laundry go? Yeah that’s right, on the floor – the biggest shelf in the room….

Oh and apparently if it isn’t IN the hamper it’s fair game to be worn again. Ick.