I’ll be missing you

I cannot believe what a baby I am. My KoD has to go away for business for just a few days and I am a total mess. I had 15 months of living away from him, 15 months of heartache and missing him. I guess I feel I paid my dues already. I am kinda used to having him around all the time, you know?

Seeing his face in the morning fills me with such joy and light – and falling asleep at night looking at that handsome punim makes me feel so contented. I know I am a person in my own right, but it’s almost like I need his presence in order to breathe…

Ugh. What a sap I am!

At least the kids are around to keep me busy and out of trouble, and I have a lot of projects I want to take care of in the evenings after the kids are down for the night. I am still on a job quest, and the house needs cleaning and organizing. I have baking and cooking to do. I am sure the time will fly by!


7 responses to “I’ll be missing you

  1. Several years ago my husband took a 2 month course in Pennsylvania which was spread out in 2 week intervals over the course of the year but he generally came home for shabbos every weekend. it was hard for me for those 8 weeks but i survived & i know you will too…he will be back home b/f you know it so hang in there :)!!

  2. Sympathise intensely – my beloved DH is a away on a training course this week (left yesterday evening – sniff) and I am missing him like fury. Have arranged to see friends (no sprogs yet). He will be home for Shabbos and I am planning an extra special Shabbos meal for just the two of us, complete with extra nice wine, his favourite side dishes and pudding. Then we have a lovely night out for a friends 30th birthday party her DH is throwing for her Motzei Shabbos so all will be good again.

  3. I have a small incling of what you are going through. We, as you know, long distance dated so, the parting was such sweet sorrow! We were so grateful to finally be married and together! Now, three + years later, we work together. So, we are together nearly 24/7 except on Rosh Hashanah, when he takes off for nearly a week a goes to Uman in the Ukraine. For a few days I am left to be on my own, holding down the fort. (This year friends invited me out to dinner- such a welcome surprise and distraction) Then, I go to my SIL for the Yom Tov to be surrounded again by family and loved ones and wait for his return. I do not understand how some couples enjoy seperate vacations.

    • Z! you mentioned separate vacations but I also don’t know how couples live the commuting lifestyle with the husband (or wife) traveling every few weeks for at least a week or 2 at a time. Many couples who have made Aliyah are doing that & quite frankly I give them a lot of credit. I actually know one couple where both the husband & the wife alternate commuting to & from States. That is truly the ultimate sacrifice for Aliyah & I cannot wrap my head around how it works for them. In addition, when husbands in Israel go on Milu’im (yearly military duty), that no doubt is SO difficult on the wives. Honestly, that is one of the many reasons that I haven’t been able to take the plunge & make Aliyah over the years.

      So Hadassah, like I said yesterday, hang in there b/c the KoD will be back real soon (with your car ;)!!

      • I agree Batya. It seems a huge sacrifice. But, if shalom bayis can be attained with that lifestyle, who am I to judge? The belief that they are living in a way to bring them to a higher spiritual level, (I guess), gets them through the night. Personally, it’s not for me. To be whole, I need Hashem AND my husband/family close!

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