HSM’s Easy One Pot Stir Fry

Ok, we made this last night. (sorry, excuse me a sec. …. OK!!) let me restate. Squiggy actually cooked this last night, following my instructions. (Better? Cool).

The beauty of this dish is that I used leftovers from Shabbat, and it only took a few minutes to throw together. Stir fries are best cooked over a high heat.

2-3 chicken breasts / thighs cut into bite size pieces.
¾ cup chicken stock / soup
1 tbs chopped fresh ginger
Small package froz veg
3 cups of cooked rice
Soy sauce

Pour a tablespoon of oil into the frying pan / wok.
Add chopped ginger.
Add chicken. Sauté for 2 minutes. (If you start off with raw chicken, you will need to sauté it a little longer.)
Add a healthy size skootch of soy sauce. (a skootch = about 2 tablespoons. Its an HSM measurement)
Add the package of froz veggies, sauté until heated through.
Add stock.
Slowly add rice, stirring all the time. (alternatively if you don’t have cooked rice in the fridge, cook rice separately and just serve stir fry over it)
Serve when everything is piping hot.

(Makes 5-6 servings)


One response to “HSM’s Easy One Pot Stir Fry

  1. Hey!
    I made something very similar last night, ‘cept in addition to your ingredients, my sauce included a Tbsp. of brown sugar, some fresh garlic, a “skootch” of honey and another “skootch’ of hot sauce 😀

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