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I cannot let this week go by without posting something about the elections that were held here yesterday. I cannot even begin to understand the whole political system here – I just about know that Obama is a Democrat (lower case or uppercase D?). There is a senate and a house of representatives and you vote for people, not parties. You elect judges and coroners and everything is political. Or something. (KoD has tried, diligently, to educate me on politics. My head can only hold so much information at a time 😉 )

Anyhoo. Is it just me, or are Americans much more politically knowledgeable than other nations? There isn’t a Shabbat table that we have sat around that hasn’t discussed American politics. The TwitterVerse was abuzz yesterday with “I voted, did you” tweets etc.

In the interests of full disclosure, I think I voted once. I turned 18 in the UK, and maybe I voted in an election? Not sure, it was so long ago. I never took out Canadian citizenship, so never voted in Montreal either. When I can apply for US Citizenship, believe me I will be first in line. I hope by then the politics will make sense to me. I plan to exercise my right to vote.

So – here’s the question again. Are Americans more politically savvy or do they just care more?

What is wrong with people?

I was just reading through some other blogs and message boards and came across a thread about a brother-in-law acting inappropriate with someone’s toddler son – she said he kissed him too much and squeezed him too much. It comes out that this woman had seen her brother-in-law touching her baby niece inappropriately (I don’t want to be graphic here, but there is no way the act she described could have been misunderstood). Did she say something? No. Why? Because she didn’t want her sister to be mad at her and to hurt their relationship.

Excuse me? Your niece is being touched inappropriately in front of your eyes, you say nothing then, and you will say nothing now because you don’t want to hurt your sister? What about your innocent little niece? What will you do when you hear down the road that her father has been molesting her (and possibly other children) for years? Can you really just sit by and do NOTHING? I would rather tell the authorities and lose my relationship with this sister. Just knowing that my niece would get help and be safe from this person would make it worth it.

Some people need a reality check.

I need to walk away from the computer before I break it…..

WWYD – health issues

Received this letter from a loyal reader….slightly edited to make it flow better.

Dear HSM

Please help me. This is a WWYD and I would love your readers’ insight.

I’ve got a suspected dodgy kidney but for various reasons I am keeping shtum about it. My mother called my sister in a panic yesterday because she was worried there was something seriously wrong with me – for no apparent reason. Despite Mum pumping her for info, my sister didn’t know anything. I ended up telling her because, well, she’s my sister!! Now my sister knows and my mother is still very worried about me, but I am still pretending everything is OK (I don’t want to worry her unnecessarily). WWYD? Do I tell my Mum? Is it right for me to encourage my sister to keep lying to our Mum? Should I just come clean and stop being so secretive?


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