School Lunch Poll

The KoD and I were talking about the olden days, when we used to go to school, walking uphill both ways, barefoot in the snow….

My packed lunch consisted of a sandwich (usually peanut butter) and sometimes an apple. There was milk provided and tap water. KoD had pretty much the same deal.

Kids these days get a heck of a lot more, and if they don’t get what little Johnny gets they are upset. Their lunchbags weigh more than their schoolbags!!

So, please share what you used to take to school for lunch, and how many years ago this was…

(I went to grade school in the late 70s and most of the 80s)

15 responses to “School Lunch Poll

  1. I can’t remember very well what I had when I was a kid but I would love to hear what people with picky kids offer today with nuts off limits and other food challenges.

  2. IIRC, I used to have a sandwich and a fruit. And after 6’th grade would buy watermelon candies and try to bring one of those each day. In high school, I lived in a dorm and either purchased lunch at the cafeteria or prepared something in my room (usually tuna fish).

    Today our kids take all sorts of different things, a thermos of soup or of mac&cheese, or rice and beans, etc. A small single serving of pickles. Chummus and pita. Celery and/or crackers with a small tub of cream cheese. Juice boxes. Pretzels. Chips. Cookies. And lots of other things that I can’t think of right now. But I would say that on an average day, they have at least 5 or 6 different things in their lunch boxes.

  3. As a kid I recall taking a peanut butter & jelly sandwiches day in & day out for my entire elementary & high school experience!

    My elementary school child cannot take nuts or kind of peanut butter products to school yet her school bag is FILLED with various 100 cal snacks that i tend to buy such as pretzels, reduced fat chips, granola bars etc etc…

    A funny recollection I have is when i was 5 1/2 & my 1 sibling was born, I was SO thrilled that I was finally able to have hot lunch at school (b/c my mom was in the hospital giving birth) & that news just made me so happy (the hot lunch, not the baby brother quite as much ;)!!!

  4. I always had hot lunches (three courses). No such thing as packed lunches in France.

  5. That’s easy. Mother would make me a sack lunch of a sandwich (e.g., chicken, roast beef, turkey, etc.), apple or other fruit, and a dessert. I never cared for the cafeteria line.

    Of course, during Pesach the sandwich would include matzah.

  6. so I used to send my son with a ton of stuff because like you that is what in saw other parents doing. In the end I was just wasting a ton of food. I pack hi a sandwich , cracker, fruit, juice box or yogurt, banana, pretzels juice box, and his teachers said it is more than enough. I don’t remember what used to get but I do remember wishing to have hot lunches like the rest of the kids, but my parents refused claiming it was junk, who would of thunk ?

  7. Usually a bologna or turkey sandwich and she would draw a smiley face with the mustard on the inside of the bread, a piece of fruit, usually an apple, a paper napkin that she’d write “I love you,” on with ballpoint pen, and I’d drink milk or juice the school gave out. I think she occasionally put a baggie of pretzels in there for a treat. That was always exciting. I always liked the notes.

  8. PB&J, mostly. The occasional cheese sandwich. There was always fruit or carrots and a cookie, sometimes chips. Milk was bought in the cafeteria and sometimes the missing cookie. 🙂 I occasionally got hot lunch but unless it was mashed potatoes or chicken patties they weren’t really worth buying. High school lunch was dramatically different. We had a good salad bar and off campus privileges so I bought lunch pretty regularly. Grade school was late 80’s through the 90’s. Finished high school in 2000.

  9. For most of my elementary years, I got a sandwich (usually tuna, lettuce and mayo, but sometimes chicken), a fruit and in winter, sometimes brought a soup. In high school, I used to get an occasional pastry from the vending machine provided, on days that I didn’t bring something extra from home (like knishes). Occasionally, the school offered hot dogs or soup, etc., and sometimes I went in for that.

    However, that being said, my boys didn’t have lunch time in elementary, because they finished midday. So, I would give them a wholesome breakfast and they’d take either a sandwich or a fruit/veg plus a baked goodie from home. No option of buying at said school. Now that they’re both in yeshiva, they get a hot lunch four times a week, and they take fruit, veg, a danish/boreka, and sometimes a sandwich, if they’ll be learning longer than usual (or they’ve gotten up late and haven’t had a full breakfast)!

    On the other hand, my daughter (who is only 4), gets breakfast, a hot lunch, and two snacks — a mid-morning fruit/a sandwich after naptime, AND I still have to pack her food for the 30 minute ride back and forth. I usually give her a few things from the following list, depending on what’s in stock: corn chips, crackers, raisins, applesauce, an apple, cookies, pastry, cereal to munch on…

    At least once a week, I give them a juice box/can, if I remember. Otherwise, they each have their own water bottles.

  10. went to public school – i was always sent with a sandwich (my favorite was leftover brisket on challah with ketchup, pb&j was good, too), and would buy a drink at school (for dairy meals, i bought a little container of milk for about 5 cents, remember when it went up to 10 cents….).

  11. Pretty much same thing – sandwich and a fruit. The sandwich was either a PBJ or American Cheese. There was also usually a can of apple juice (this was before juice boxes – remember the little cans?)

    I went to grade school from the mid 70’s – early 80’s

  12. Sometimes the apple juice was in a thermos

  13. I truly can’t recall what we ate at school for lunch. Sometimes we had hot lunch, but not usually. I remember in Jr. High we would periodically just have a can of soda and a Twix bar…those were the days 😉

    In their lunches now we pack some combination of the following: some crackers (cheese itz, snackers/ritz, saltines, etc), pretzels, fruit, veggie, baggies fully of dry cereal, all fruit fruit-roll-ups or fruit leathers, and periodically sandwiches, bagelfuls, hot soup or pasta, etc. It is a challenge. On Fridays we do buy them the pizza for hot lunch. It gives me a day off and gives them a treat as well.

  14. longtime lurker here 🙂

    In elementary school through my sophomore year of high school my mom would send a baloney sandwich, a juice box (as i got older a bottle of water) and then some type of vegetable/fruit in a ziplock like baby carrots, celery, grapes, strawberries, etc and a cereal bar, overall it was pretty good, but after about 7th grade I could not stand bologna so I always ended up giving my sandwich away.

    My last two years of high school I would pretty much just get hot lunch or would have to ask my mom to make me something if I was going to be too busy to get in line for lunch.

  15. I had the same peanut butter (and honey) sandwich with one or two healthy snacks (veggies or fruit) up until 9th grade. In 10th-11th grade, I lived in Japan so I had a bento box (2 boxes) filled with all sorts of food on the top box (grilled chicken, little egg omelet, veggies, fish, etc.) with rice on the bottom box. In 12th grade, it was back to the same kind of thing I had before Japan. I was in grade school – high school from the ’90s to the ’00’s.

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