Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

Dietary Changes / My Son the Protector

For various health reasons my doctor has put me on a low-fat diet. I explained this to the boys and we all went through our favourite foods – does this have fat, is this ok, etc. Having a RD in the house is extremely handy!!

This is all new to me and it will take some adjusting. Friday night, I served the gefilte fish, sat down, and proceeded to smother my fish with mayonnaise as I always do. (I am not a chrain / horseradish person). I was just about to take a bite, when ChatterBox piped up “Ima, doesn’t mayonnaise have a lot of fat, are you sure you should be eating that??” He was right and I would have suffered later for eating it. I thanked him for being so observant and helpful.

My eating habits are so ingrained in me, that I rarely have had to think twice. Now I have to think when I shop, when I cook and when I eat. I also have to make sure I eat enough nutrients and calories that I do not lose weight, which isn’t the point of the exercise.

A good byproduct of this low fat diet that I am now on means that everyone in the family will be eating healthier and have more of a balanced diet. I am already missing some of my favourite foods, but I know that if I indulge in them, I will be sorry. I miss the crunch of potato chips, but rice cakes seem to satisfy that.

So, does anyone have any low-fat tips for me? If you are on a low fat diet what foods do you miss? How do you manage to satisfy the craving for that food?