Hair coverers – would you like to win two beautiful pre-tied bandannas from DoubleHeaderUSA? Leave me a comment explaining why you (or your wife) love to wear pre-tieds, or leave me a funny hair-covering story, and you could be the lucky winner.

Winner will be picked Wednesday November 17 at 8.30 pm. I have the package ready to send, it just needs an address on it! Good Luck!

Contest is open to everyone, no matter where you live. Winner will be picked at random.

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  1. No funny hair covering stories. I love to wear pre-tieds, because I love having a variety of stuff to throw on my head! Good luck with the contest and hope you get a lot of entries….



  2. No funny haircovering stories for me yet. I’m sure they’ll happen eventually, though. Pre-tieds are great because there’s less fuss and I don’t have to worry about tying all my little hairs into the knot. That’s never comfortable.

  3. miriam gottlieb

    I love pre tieds because they are as comfortable as snoods but not so snoody. A little better to go outside in. Hope I win!

  4. i leave a pre-tied near my door and near my couch so that if i have unexpected door knockers i don’t fling open the door to greet them bare-headed.
    only need that to happen once and be super embarrassed when hubby noticed before i did.

    sadly, my current pretieds are a bit funky and need to be replaced, so winning would rock!

    (i don’t cover when its just us at home on an average day)

  5. Anything that makes fast work of getting that head covered when somebody unexpectedly shows up, is a winner in my book!
    Thanks for running this giveaway 🙂

  6. I love pretieds. I wear them almost exclusively. I am functionally disabled when it comes to tying an actual bandana. I end up looking like a Muslim cleric. The pretieds come in so many colors and styles, you know, when you are looking for something black to go Some of them are quite beautiful and I don’t mind wearing them outside the house, though most people wouldn’t be caught doing so where I live. I pretend I don’t know better. I prefer them over the hats I used to wear and sheitels. The best part? If they get too stretched out, throw them into the dryer after a quick wash on the gentle cycle in cold water. Beautiful.

  7. Since my hair is really funny, all my hair-covering stories are potentially funny – if not hair-raising. Not enough space, so I won’t get into the gory details. But those pre-tieds look really funky – and, hey, I wouldn’t mind winning here. If only to add more funny hair covering stories to my repertoire….

  8. I love the pre-tieds and they go perfect with my Shabbat outfits since I tend to be a bit more Bohemian on Shabbat as opposed to funky office outfits during the week. And I actually do have a funny story, but it’s a bit PG, so get the kids out of the room…

    Twenty-six years ago last summer I was in the hospital giving birth to my oldest. It was a teaching hospital. About 16 hours into what turned into a 23 hour labor the head of obstetrics entered the room with half the medical school trailing him. He then proceeded to give me an internal exam in front of this audience. I’m naked from the waist down, about 15 students are standing behind him watching the procedure, I’m in the middle of a contraction and what does my now ex-husband say to me? “Pull your tichel up, your hair is showing….”

  9. I love pretieds they are so easy to wear so soft and comfy especially in the summer, although i just saw some in warmer materials so they would be great for winter too. The only funny thing i can say about my hair covering is when i told my hubby that i would like to try a sheitel for how it would look or sometimes i just feel i miss my hair and it would be a great alternative he said ” if you wear i sheitel i’ll pull it of you in public. So even if I wanted a sheitel witch i don’t really i couldn’t have one therefore i need lots of pretieds. Thanks and just on a side note: You rock Hadassah. Love me

  10. I like anything that totally covers my hair, but pretieds are comfy and quick. I have one I made and two I bought, and I just need a bit more variety. I have a billion scarves, but they are a bit heavy by the time I’m finished. So I think pretieds are the best of both worlds. Thank you so much for having this contest! Shavuah Tov!

  11. Well, like the name of my blog is collectinghats, one reason being my love of accessories. I love the slinky fabric many pretieds are made of. They have beautiful drape, weight, and patterns!

    My funny story: It was a dark and stormy night. We were headed into Bed, Bath & Beyond and m y 2yo was out cold from the car ride over. I carried him in my arms into the store and since my arms were full I asked dh to pull my hood down once we got inside. We were on the escalator, so when my hood took my tichel with it I was trapped, babe in arms, dripping wet, and flabbergasted. I must of croaked something because the hood went back on, baby was dumped into husbands arms and I dashed into the back where the rug section is to hide and retie. Eeep!

  12. Pretieds are my go-to hair apparatus of choice when I’m in a rush, running out the door. They are the life-savers in my life!

  13. I’m not yet married but getting married next year(IYH)! I first had a hair covering adventure in Israel, however, when it was required to cover your head while hiking. I felt like hats were just too hot in 100º+ heat, so the first day I was there I bought a 15 shekel tichel at shuk hacarmel. It was bright orange and I proceeded to wear it with EVERYTHING and every outfit(despite color clashing!) until I was able to pick up a black one at machane yehuda the next week. There was another gal on our trip, now a close friend of mine, who had a pre-tied bandana. It was a stretchy, breathable material, so lightweight and chic! Everyone was rather jealous of her awesome head covering and all kept trying to “borrow” it 😉 This was a trip full of unmarried girls, yet we were all pining for her hair covering! She definitely converted me to thinking pretied bandanas are not silly(previously I thought, how long can it possible take to tie a bandana?!), but very convenient head coverings tied the proper way, easy to slip on in a rush and look great no matter what.

  14. lady lock and load

    When I was in Israel for seminary in 1979, it was very in to wear “tent” jumpers, very big and loose and makes one look like they are expecting! It was also very fashionable to wear a tichel even if you weren’t married. One time, I took a bus to downtown Jerusalem and it was very crowded, and no seats were left! But all these men were getting up for me and I couldn’t figure out why until I realized I was wearing my tent dress and a tichel on my head! DUH! they thought I was pregnant! I was totally mortified.

  15. I have a pretied made out of swim fabric for the beach and it’s very comfortable and doesn’t get weighed down in the water. I would like to try other pretieds.

  16. Well, when my wife takes off her motorcycle helmet she needs to do a slick cover-the-hair-without-anyone-noticing act. She actually hasn’t been so good at it as of late. Anyway, I don’t know anything about pre-tieds; but it seems to me that it might help facilitate her quick transition and cover-up from helmet to hat-or-whatever.

  17. Hi – thanks for the chance to win a pre-tied. I actually don’t have any but I would love to try them. I am tired of all of my current head coverings 🙂

  18. Just wanted to wish you all luck! I don’t wear anything on my head for health reasons (horrible, terrible, life sucking pain), so good luck to you all!!

  19. good morning! one of my most horrifying hair covering-or UNcovering story happened at iga in cavendish mall….quite a popular place for the kosher folks. well i was wearing a snood, the crochet type and as i proceeded to walk from my car thru the busy parking lot., i hopped up un to a little curb under a tree and hopped off, well when i hopped down i didnt realize that a tree brach had grabbed hold of one of the loops in the snood! well it stayed and i went!! i then spent a few seemingly-endless-bare-headed moments trying to get the tree to let go..i gave up.stuck my head back into the still attached snood so that the staring shoppers would heve less to stare at! i did eventually get detached and get some grocery shopping done!
    the best/worst part was when later that day, my friend told me her husband had seen the whole show!
    lesson-dont wear the crochet type out doors – go for pre tied!!!!!

  20. pre-tied bandanas are my way to go.
    In general, if it takes me more than 5 seconds to put something on my head, I lose patience very quickly, so they fit the bill so nicely and husband doesnt like sheitels, so pre-tied are my number one choice

  21. My funny story: After I got married, I lived in Norfolk, VA due to my husband finishing his service in the US Air Force. I wore some pre-tied bandannas from Claire’s as well as hats and the occasional tichel. One of my coworkers was from China and had come to the US to attend college/grad school at MIT in Massachusetts. One day, he asked me if I was a Pilgrim! Apparently, one Thanksgiving he had gone home with a classmate and his classmate’s mother had dressed up like a Pilgrim to tell the Thanksgiving story, and he associated my pre-tied with the bonnet she had worn. I had a hard time not laughing as I explained I covered for religious reasons, much like Mulsim women and like the Pilgrims used to….

  22. One time when my baby was about 5months we were at a routine dr visit. He some how pulled my sheitel and it twisted leaving the part way way on the side. I went to the bathroom to fix it and there was nowhere to put my baby down. I suddenly go the bright idea of putting him in the sink , and you guessed it the water came on. I tried desperately to turn it off only realizing it was an automatic sink and my efforts only made the situation worse. I had to walk out holding a dripping wet child and sheitel still twisted and crazy looking. Could you imagine the scene. Obviously i rescheduled the appointment.

  23. I love pretieds for their comfort and funky look, but I have another great reason! Some years ago, before pre-tieds hit the market, I was walking on the avenue in the Italina-American neighborhood where I live. i was wearing a long, dark navy blue snood. An elderly non-Jewish gentleman stopped me and said., “Good morning, sister. Could you please pray for my wife?”

  24. Still trying to come up with a funny story. After 6 years I must have one! I only recently started wearing bandanas and pretieds and live how comfortable they are!

  25. A friend of mine started covering her hair a few years after marriage. Soon after, she was halfway to work when she realized she had forgotten a hair covering. She stopped on the way to buy a tichel (luckily, this story took place in Israel.)

  26. I am fascinated by the breadth of hair covering options! I like pre-tieds beacuse they are easy and cute. I can’t even come close to the nun story – but I have heard of some cafeteria workers being jealous of nicer pre-tieds!

  27. I want to win because I am a pseudo and I would don them and then people would ask me about them and I could pimp them out! (In KC none the less!) And you know I would looks smashing in them, and and and they would be fantastic under a motorcycle helmet!

  28. What’s not to love about pre-tieds? They’re cute, not heavy, and – most of all – convenient! 🙂

  29. I’ve heard pretieds are comfortable, but I have never tried one. I would love to, though! I have a hard time finding hats that fit. No funny haircovering stories, though…

  30. I’m entering this contest because I’m a huge Harry Chapin fan and I often sing his song about 30,000 pounds of bandannas at karaoke 😉
    If I win, you are invited to watch me perform this song while wearing said bandanna.