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Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s off to work I go…

As of Monday morning I will be gainfully employed. A tax paying member of American society. I have been appointed Blog Content Manager for Kosher.com whose Chief Foodie Officer is Jamie Geller of Quick and Kosher fame. Check the blog out here!

With this position I am able to work from home – which is such a blessing. I am super stoked for this opportunity – it is right up my alley, and really, if I am honest, this is my dream job. Working with kosher food, the written word, meeting phenomenal people – and melding it all together and being paid for it – well, it just spells HEAVEN to me!

I have been spending the day today getting my home office ready. My son decided on his own to give up his homework nook so I can have some space of my own. Right now the office is lacking some pinkitude but we are hoping to rectify that in the coming days.

I set up google voice so I can have an office number – the kids were having a lot of fun today calling me and leaving me messages to see how the service transcribed them in order to email them to me. It didn’t do such a great job but provided plenty of entertainment!!

I will still be blogging here – maybe not as often as I have been, but at least one post a day, Monday to Friday. I want to try to keep my personal and my professional life separate, but seeing as my personal blogging and social media interfacing is what brought me to my professional career, I am not quite sure how to balance that.

I can always be reached by email at inthepinkblog at gmail dot com. I am still on twitter and facebook. You can also sign up on the sidebar to receive the newest posts in your email inbox.

Pink Hugs


Dear Property Owner

As soon as I saw that I had accessed a road that was marked Private Property, I started to execute a five point turn in my van, in the narrow road that belongs to you. You started driving up your very own private road as I was in the second part of the 5 pointer. Was it really necessary to roll down your window and harangue me for driving on your land, when it was obvious that I was leaving and had driven up the road erroneously? Did you have to yell “what the hell are you doing on my property?” Did you have to behave in such a menacing way in front of my impressionable son?

When I told you I had turned up the lane by mistake and was leaving – that was your cue to move your car to the side to let me pass so I could get off your land. But no, you had to make it as difficult as possible for me to drive by you because I had the bare faced cheek to make a wrong turn up your precious road.

I am so sorry for you that you felt you had to be so nasty to someone you didn’t know. I was lost, and could have used some help. Instead you showed such a lack of respect and faith in humankind.

I am so thankful I am not your neighbour. If I were, I might feel that your plants need extra manure, or that your road needed digging up to prevent the groundhogs from getting in.