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What do you call this?

What do you call this? We call it a back pack. Apparently we are wrong. Interestingly enough we have been told that this is either a briefcase or a book bag. Back packs are Canadian. I don’t know, I called it a rucksack growing up….

Shmooze – the video!

(hey Mum, look!! Are you shepping nachas??)

The Fleishig Diet

So last night on Twitter there was a #frumchat – a party for the religious folk where we were talking about food. This #frumchat was with Jamie Geller of kosher.com and I was helping her out with the tweeting. We had a lot of fun – and some of the questions were extremely thought provoking.

One person tweeted how they never wanted to consume meat – “fleishigs” – as it would mean no ice cream which is dairy for hours and hours. (Orthodox people wait between 3 to 6 hours after consuming meat or poultry before they consume dairy). She even tweeted that she served fleishig to her family but wouldn’t eat it herself.

My view is that being fleishig is an awesome diet aid. If you have eaten meat you cannot immediately consume that dolce de leche ice cream that has pride of place in your freezer. You know the one that you don’t allow yourself more than one scoop in the bowl, but you keep taking little teaspoons off the top because those amounts don’t count. Doesn’t it make sense that if you are trying to lose weight, being fleishig could be the way to go? No milkshakes, no cheesecake, no ice cream….

Personally I hate being fleishigs only because that means no milk in my coffee and we all know how HSM needs her coffee. Although, these days I am only drinking one cup a day, first thing in the morning, and who is fleishig at 6am??!!

What do you think of the “being fleishig” diet?

Blended Families

Interesting article from the New York Times on blended families.

Blending like the Brady Bunch? Let’s not go too far.

(Hat tip to Prof NY)

Trolls and Haters

I want to understand why people feel the need to go to blogs and message boards and the like just to bash people. Yesterday I was very upset to see that on a religious woman’s message board where they tell each other off for not being G-d fearing enough, that it is somehow acceptable for them to bash people by name. Yes there are some people in the religious world whose names are known to many people for a variety of different reasons – but that is no excuse to publicly malign them. Maybe some of it is jealousy, but still…. Were none of these people brought up not to speak Lashon Hara? Or is that rule suspended when you are on an internet message board which is an aveirah (sin) in and of itself?

There are others who make it their business to go blog to blog leaving comments, trying to stir up hatred and dissent – and I fail to understand why. I have a delete button, and I am not afraid to use it. But I do not get why those trolls like to make trouble – what does it bring them? Do they get some kind of sick pleasure knowing that they have caused hurt to someone?

I was brought up that if I had nothing nice to say, I should say nothing. Yes, yes, I have a blog and I know I am not always nice here. But I never ever direct any of my rants at specific people, I never name names. That’s just low.

Why do they do it?