Daily Archives: November 23, 2010

How many suppers?

I have written previously about how I cook one dinner, and if there is anyone that doesn’t like what I have cooked, well, tough noogies. I am not a short order cook, and if you are refusing to try something new, well, that’s your choice.

In theory it works fine. In practice it has worked great up until now. This low fat / certain food restrictions “diet” that I am on has turned it all around. I cooked dinner tonight (soup and scrambled eggs and toast) for everyone. They all sat down to eat while I was busy preparing something different for me that I knew I could eat. (The soup had mushrooms in it and I am allergic. I can’t eat egg yolks and egg whites on their own just don’t do it for me) I brought my different food to the table and of course someone was interested in MY food and didn’t want HIS food any more.

How come it’s ok for me to make myself something different, but it isn’t ok for them to request something other than what I have cooked for them? Am I not being a hypocrite? Am I opening myself up to complaints of “my tummy hurts after I eat vegetables, Ima, so can I not have any with my supper?” or “I have decided to only eat low fat Ima, so I can be like you”. Seriously – how does one deal with the rest of the family’s culinary foibles, when you have enough of your own to juggle?

Third Grade Math Homework

The little guy was having trouble with his math homework last night. It was all about baseball teams. Team A scored 7 less than team B, and the total points scored was 18, how many did each team score?

I am not dumb by any stretch of the imagination. I really would like to think I have some intelligence. It has long been known however, in the Sabo-Milner household, that Ima and math don’t have a good relationship. I just cannot get my head around it.

So I am sat there with my son at the dining room table, trying to follow his teacher’s model so I can help him understand how to take care of his math problems. He’s 8. I am almost 30 years older than him. And I had to be honest with him and tell him I was lost. It was humbling and embarrassing.

My seventh grader walks in, and takes one look, tells the ChatterBox – you need to do this this and this, add this, divide by two, and Bob’s your uncle. The little one was able to do the other problems while I am still scratching my head.

Is it possible that I just do not have that processing capability? I once had a math teacher threaten to deport me to Australia just so that he didn’t have to get frustrated dealing with my math handicap.

Sigh! What subjects do you find the most challenging when you are helping your children complete their homework?

Toilet Roll Experimentation

I noticed last week that the toilet roll in one of the kids’ bathrooms (we have a boys’ bathroom and a girls’ bathroom) was practically finished. It is a pet peeve of mine that other than the KoD absolutely NO ONE else in this house notices that there is no more bathroom tissue. It’s like there is a neon sign in front of them flashing “need new toilet paper roll” but they don’t have the visual ability to decipher the sign.

I figured I would just leave it as is and see how long it takes for them to realize it needs changing. It’s now Tuesday morning, a full 4 days since I started this exercise. I just changed the roll myself, because it was starting to eat at me.

Apparently, if I would have removed the Kleenex box, then they may have realized there was no bog roll. Maybe. But then again, who knows? That tissue box can sit there empty for days on end until someone (usually me) decides to replace it with a new one.

Do you have a similar issue in your house?