Giveaways are so much fun!! This week we have an awesome giveaway to MavenMall. You could win $40 of Chanukah gelt to spend at MavenMall. All you have to do is mosey on over there with a click of your mouse, and browse to your heart’s content. When you see something that you like, leave a comment down below containing the link to that outfit or piece of clothing, and tell me to what event you would wear that item.

What is MavenMall? Well, MavenMall is a new online mall that contains the world’s largest selection of clothing and accessories for Jewish Women and Children. It has all the top brands, at the best prices but only the styles you want to see. With 6,000+ styles of skirts, tops, dresses, sweaters, coats, head-coverings, hosiery, maternity, plus-size and more, for weekday and Shabbos, for women and children, MavenMall makes shopping fast and easy. Besides the coupon page which is updated daily, MavenMall also offers lots of giveaways and incentives for email subscribers and Facebook fans.

MavenMall is brand new, just one month old, but it has already grown to be the world’s most popular shopping site and community for religious Jewish women. With the biggest sales of the year just around the corner, now is a great time to shop smart and save big on MavenMall.

So what are you waiting for? Go on over and click around and then leave me a message in the comments! Giveaway closes at 2 pm EST on Wednesday December 1st 2010. The winner will be picked at random from qualified entries. One entry per person.

Good Luck!!

23 responses to “CHANUKAH GIVEAWAY

    I really like this skirt first of all the fun of it being reversible and of course the style and look it gives both for casual and elegant. I would wear it for Shabbat. I have to say i really like the maven mall, so many beautiful clothes makes it really easy to shop “canua” clothes. Thank you for introducing the site to us and for a great giveaway.

  2. I love the design and color of this skirt:
    I would wear it for Shabbos, Sheva brachos, or a vort. I think it can be casual or dressy depending what you pair with it.
    Maven Mall is like a gathering place for all tznius clothes and it is at great prices.
    Thanks for introducing me!
    Hope I win big 🙂
    Love your blog BTW 🙂

    I love this skirt because it looks worn in and comfy. Like a favorite skirt that could be worn with almost anything. I’d wear it to work or to play with my favorite worn in brown biker boots.


    Pretty berets! I use berets heavily in the winter, comfy warm and not too out there for a casual workplace.


    I love this sweater dress. Pair it with some black tights and boots and I would be very happy. It is great for a day doing errands or shopping because it is so comfy.

  6. This is my perfect LBD… Great sleeve length, full skirt, fun details, and it can be paired with any color shell to suit the occasion – from a more formal wedding to a cocktail party to a community orgs annual dinner.

  7. lady lock and load
    I actually saw this dress at a local store and fell in love…tried it on and it was beautiful and fit nicely. Couldn’t buy it because I was in my year of mourning but now that the year is up I am excited to see it is available at maven mall. I would wear it with a black shell underneath and black shoes to a wedding….and feel like Cinderella.


    I desperately need new basics. This would be perfect for work, lunch with friends, or a casual date with DH. I already have the perfect boots and tights. It’s technically maternity but on those of us with larger hips it just means the waistband fits correctly. 🙂


    This skirt looks very versatile. As I live in Israel where things are more casual, I would probably wear this with a nice sweater on Shabbat. Looks really comfortable! Looks like I could get two of these if I win the giveaway and it comes in three colors – nice!

  10. I have been wanting a Shabbos robe for a while now, so I would like one of the Raza Design Shabbos robes. I would wear it on Shabbos at home

  11. I really like this sweater/shirt. I am always looking for new tops to wear to work and this top would be perfect. I would look professional but still be comfortable.–1972/

  12. Ohhh, the dresses! I’m dying for new dresses, & too broke to buy any! I love the Maggy London Dress Sleeveless Ponte and the Suite 7 Chiffon Surplice Dress. Both divine! Fingers crossed for this one…

  13. Wow… that’s an overwhelmingly LARGE site….
    I get overwhelmed with THAT much shopping… kinda like I do at a REAL mall 🙂
    I like this petite argyle cardigan b/c it comes in yummy pink jewel tones as well and has cute buttons and beading detail.

    and this sweater is pretty cute too….


    Here in Israel, this cardigan would be perfect for Shabbat with a black pencil skirt and a light-colored shell underneath.


    I would wear this every Shabbos in the winter. It looks so awesome.

  16. It’s nice that the site has plus sizes!

  17. I love all the items others have posted. This would be my vavoom choice:

    Perfect for Yom Tov and special occasions. Gorgeous color and fabric!

  18. I love denim pencil skirts. I wear them all the time they are a winter staple for me. You can wear them with boots or a pair of flats, with printed tights or just hose. this year im enjoying my pencil skirts with tunic length sweaters dark tights and cute balerina flats.

  19. I think this coat is really cute and really reasonable

    I also liked the swim hair coverings, but for some reason the page wouldn’t load for them. It’s the one thing missing from my cobbled-together tznius swim outfit!