I was with the KoD yesterday at the mall doing some shopping, and we were bombarded, as is everyone this time of year, with Xmas music. Every single store, every single mall, every single Christmas song being played over and over and over again on a loop, until you feel your brain turning into one huge mess of tangled holiday lights that are flashing on and off without cessation.

Yes, I do enjoy the occasional Xmas song – I will find myself singing along when an old favourite comes on the radio. But I am already fed up of the endless loop. At one store yesterday I felt like running out while clutching my head and screaming.

And don’t even get me started on Chanukah this year. My recent tummy issues mean no latkes and no donuts. This holiday is all about OIL – and it’s a big no no for me. KoD and I have decided that the household is going low-fat – ALL of us, but in the interests of fairness I think we have to put that aside until after Chanukah. Yes, I have to suffer the torment of frying latkes that I cannot eat, and smelling donuts that I cannot scarf down, watching the kids lick the powder from their fingers, wiping up the jam that dripped down their chins.

The menorahs are in the basement, I don’t think I cleaned them last year before I packed them up, waiting for our move to NY. I haven’t bought oil or wicks or candles, and presents? Well, we don’t really do Chanukah presents.

I am hoping I can find some Chanukah happiness before Wednesday night. Until then, I need my daily dose of Grumpitol.

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23 responses to “Grinchitude

  1. Great post & the absolute complete opposite of what I wrote today. I guess when not confronted with all the holiday cheer, yearning for it can bring on the nostalgia. Hope you get rid of your inner Scrooge before candle lighting this week!

    • It’s probably just the fact that it is EVERYWHERE, not subtle at all, you know?

      • I used to be bothered by it, but now I just tune it all out…

        I am going to get the Chanukah stuff out tonight…one bittersweet thing about the first night of Chanukah is it’s also my father-in-law’s yartzeit…

  2. To quote Cher in Moonstruck, my dear, “Snap Out Of It!!!”.

    (If you keep this up, you’re gonna spoil it for the rest of us….. grumble, grumble….. I’ve personally been gathering and unpacking all the Chanukah kitsch and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT)

  3. I’m absolutely with you on the “music while shopping” issue.

    I hate it when you are submerged by loud music you do not like as soon as you enter a shop. You cannot even concentrate on what you want to buy. As soon as I hear too loud music in a shop, I leave immediately.

    Unfortunately, I seem to belong to a minority. Because if everybody left, the music would damage their sales and they would stop it. It seems that most people just buy more when they are distracted, so tough luck for me…

    • And Fille, the worst part is that it is BAD xmas music. Crappy pop, sung by teenyboppers. I always make my own holiday playlist (and nary a pop xmas or I have a little dreidel in sight). I avoid the mall this time of year – the sounds, lights and smells induce migraines.

      Off for a little bit of Tori Amos’ winter album.

    • Yeah. My hubby was shocked when I once left a store as soon a song that I hated came on.

  4. I work in retail and the music drives me nuts for the whole season, too. Unfortunately, I can’t just walk out of the store. Thankfully our holiday CD isn’t all Christmas all the time.

    They’ve actually done studies about the music thing in stores. Upbeat, slightly loud, and vaguely familiar basically guarantees that people buy more.

  5. I am doing as much present shopping as I can on-line as I can’t face the ruckus that is West End at this time of year.

    When it comes too Chanukah, I too have not even looked at the Menorah’s, haven’t sorted out new oil, little presents or anything. My life has been consumed by the business of getting the assorted works here finished so that we can host my parents at the end of December (they need a break from their major works of remodeling the master bedroom, ensuite and the family bathroom).

    Latkes will happen for DH and close friend but I do not think I will be hosting a Latke party this year as have too much to do. Probably better for my waist line anyways.

  6. Why not bake the potato latkes?

  7. I know it is much less fun, but you can bake both latkes and doughnuts…. It will at least give you a touch of the fun and spirit of the holiday.
    Oh, and I’m glad the whole family is going low-fat, it really makes for an easier living situation.

  8. I agree with the others who suggested baking the latkes & you can check out the link i posted from either metroimma or savvima for baked sweet potato latkes the other day. There are definitely ways to enjoy chanukah without all of the oily treats especially if those will make you sick.

    I also suggest that you treat yourself to a non-food reward that will make you happy in honor of Chanukah so that you change the grumpitude into a happier mood. An example is a massage (if you can shell out more $$) or even a basic pedicure if you don’t have the extra $$ to spare. There are so many non-food ways to treat yourself which will be your Chanukah present to yourself without breaking the bank & again, baking latkes is not the end of the world either & no one in your family will suffer if you choose to go that route.

    Happy Chanukah!

  9. lady lock and load

    I think it is a shame that you were very excited about Thanksgiving but you are not looking forward to Chanukah which is a REAL yom tov, something we really give thanks about, for the big miracle that happened to our people. 😦 Perhaps doing some reading about the story of Chanukah, play some chanukah music, put up some decorations? As for the menorah cleaning and messy oil, I have done away with all that for the past twelve years by buying the disposable prefilled oil candles. Expensive buy it’s my chanukah present to myself! 😉 By the way, is your menorah PINK? LOL!

    • I too am a HUGE fan of the pre-filled oil cups. We’ve been buying 2 sets of those for my hubby & for my son over the past few years & I love ’em but I would imagine they would start getting REALLY expensive if each of Hadassah’s boys light their own oil menorahs but I’m not sure if they do or don’t. If it’s only the KoD who lights an oil menorah, then I would highly recommend splurging for the pre-filled oil cups. I generally opt for the congealed oil kind which makes less of a mess than the regular oil pre-filled cups.
      Hopefully these little indulgences will make Chanukah more enjoyable for Hadassah, latkes or no latkes!

    • If we could find a Mah Jongg menorah for my mother (true–we bought it years ago), Hadassah can find a pink menorah… 🙂

  10. lady lock and load

    As for the holiday songs in the mall and the decorations, it doesn’t bother me because I really don’t go shopping and no TV in the house so I don’t hear it. If by chance I do hear a holiday song and see decorations, I am happy that the non-Jews are happy with their holiday and in the good ol’ holiday spirit!
    Good for you that you are eating healthy and not eating all that fat. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be proud and glad that you are taking care of your health which is worth more than latkas and doughnuts. It’s soo over rated in my humble opinion. Happy Happy Chanukah!

  11. So imagine sitting in a fertility doctor’s office with the same loop going on. With songs about sitting with family. i seriously thought my ears and eyes would start bleeding (yum).
    I know you are totally anti baking latkes, but they can be pretty good, thats the way i do them, mainly because i have no proper frying training. besides potatoes are kind of in the categories of sex and pizza – even when they are bad, they’re still kinda good. (pardon the offensiveness to anyone, but its true ain’t it??)

    • lady lock and load

      Shorty, I once read that the holiday season can be very sad for some people and that the rate of suicide is higher 😦 For someone without children, a spouse, or relatives I can imagine that holidays are very sad and lonely.
      I am sure baked latkes are delicious but my kids do not want any of those healthy versions, they want the real thing, the kind that fills the air with the smell of fried latkes and oil. Eating latkes one day out of the year hopefully won’t be too harmful 😉

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