Daily Archives: November 30, 2010

Laundry Experimentation

I have spoken before about spoiling my boys, about doing things for them. When they are not in school I expect them to fold their own laundry. When they are in school, they don’t have to fold it, but they do have to put it all away. Neatly.

In our laundry room we have a handy dandy shelving unit that has four shelves. One for each child, oldest has the top shelf, youngest has the bottom shelf. Generally I fold laundry in the living room on the homework table, and put the separated piles on each kid’s bed.

Lately I decided to just put it on their shelves – and see how long it takes them to realize that they need to put their clothes away. All their school trousers and shirts are hung up on this unit when fresh out of the drier as it has hanging space – so they need to come down there and get their clothes for school anyway. It’s been two days. Only one shelf is empty.

What’s the point of my lesson? Perhaps to teach them not to take me for granted? To teach them some personal responsibility? Or is it to see how long they can last without running out of socks and underwear? Is this an exercise in futility? Probably.

Salami and Eggs – 7 cents

So some of the boys wanted salami and eggs for supper last night, and I had no reason to say no. That way the salami would get used up, the kids would be fed, and all would be well in the world. Well, for a few minutes anyway.

The little one decided he didn’t want any. Which was fine by me, I wasn’t eating it either. But his reasoning was of the “I have never tasted it, but I don’t want to like it” variety. KoD decided to see what would happen if he gave the kid an incentive.

ChatterBox came into the kitchen with 7 cents (!!!) that he had received from the KoD as a positive reinforcement– and decided that he would at least try the salami and eggs because he promised the KoD that he would. He was well prepared to not like it.

Everyone sat down, I served up dinner. I heard a little voice ring out “wow, I like this!!” Like we ever have steered him wrong??!!

7 cents to eat supper. Not a bad deal I suppose.