Salami and Eggs – 7 cents

So some of the boys wanted salami and eggs for supper last night, and I had no reason to say no. That way the salami would get used up, the kids would be fed, and all would be well in the world. Well, for a few minutes anyway.

The little one decided he didn’t want any. Which was fine by me, I wasn’t eating it either. But his reasoning was of the “I have never tasted it, but I don’t want to like it” variety. KoD decided to see what would happen if he gave the kid an incentive.

ChatterBox came into the kitchen with 7 cents (!!!) that he had received from the KoD as a positive reinforcement– and decided that he would at least try the salami and eggs because he promised the KoD that he would. He was well prepared to not like it.

Everyone sat down, I served up dinner. I heard a little voice ring out “wow, I like this!!” Like we ever have steered him wrong??!!

7 cents to eat supper. Not a bad deal I suppose.

4 responses to “Salami and Eggs – 7 cents

  1. Why not pay them to eat spinach next time ;)!

  2. How could anyone DISLIKE salami?!

  3. I like it, I like it, Sam I am.


  4. green eggs and salami…

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