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Congratulations and Happy Chanukah to Estee Lavitt on winning $40 Chanukah Gelt to spend at MavenMall. Estee – please email me at inthepinkblog at gmail dot com so I can get you set up to claim your prize!!

Oh Chanukah Oh Chanukah!!

I am finally excited for Chanukah! The chanukiot are all set up, the oil and wicks purchased, candles will be used by the two youngest. We have dreidels and chocolate gelt. I will be making oven latkes tonight – and we bought doughnuts for the boys. Dunkin Donuts was picked clean, so we didn’t have much to choose from. It will be enough tho that they will feel spoiled.

Are you a sap like me? When I watch my boys make the brachot and light their own chanukiot, I tear up. Every. Single. Time.  Even just thinking about it now puts a hitch in my chest and some excess moisture in the corner of my eye.

It was Chanukah two years ago that I brought the boys down to Monsey for the very first time to see where their new home would be. I remember they stayed here with the KoD and I was farmed out down the street!! How the time has flown by.

OK, I am off to peel potatoes….. Chag Sameach, Chappy Chanukah!!

Six Things Remarried Dads Owe to their StepMom Wives

I just read this article over on the Huffington Post – and while everything the author says has merit, I wanted to add that it also applies to StepDads whose wives move in with their children – the Step Dads also deserve the same considerations mentioned in this article. If you live in a blended family this is well worth the read.

Six Things Remarried Dads Owe to their StepMom Wives

Happy Chanukah!

From all of us in the “In The Pink” household – have a wonderful Chanukah, full of love and light. May the light of the Chanukah candles bring joy to to your family, friends and communities.

Please light the menorahs safely and make sure the children don’t play too close to them.

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