One Difference Between Boys and Girls

I walked into a Bath and Bodyworks yesterday and inhaled – and felt all warm and floral and pretty inside. I looked toward my 8 year old son, he was holding his nose and saying yuk.

5 responses to “One Difference Between Boys and Girls

  1. On the other hand, had you taken him to Gamestop, he most probably would have been much more appreciative ;)!

  2. You’re lucky he even got within 50′ of B-3

  3. I was once in BBB and I overheard a frum couple updating their wedding registry. They were by the kitchen utensils ans the bride scanned a whisker. The groom asks “What is that” to which his bride replies “A whisker to beat eggs and stuff”. His response, as a guy, was priceless: “Whats wrong with a fork?”

  4. I like the smell from outside the shop . . . but wouldn’t spend more then 30 seconds inside.

  5. Ha ha ha! Just you talking about it makes me feel as warm and squishy! and I can almost smell the faint perfumed air!

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