Print Me Out Some Love

The KoD and I both work from home most of the time. He has his office, I have mine. We tried sharing an office and realized it’s best we have our own space. He is Mr Neat and only has out the papers that he is working on, I, on the other hand….let’s just say I know where I can find everything!!

A while back the KoD bought me a wireless printer. It was on sale for a song and it has been wonderful. I shlepp my laptop over the house with me (less so now that I have my own home office) and knowing I don’t have to plug in to print something has been great. His computer is attached to a printer, but he installed my printer software too so that he could print in colour when necessary. This wireless printer is now in my office.

I was working hard this morning, my head all up in recipes and HTML coding and what on earth am I going to feed the kids for supper, and I hear the printer start to print. I start thinking I pressed something by accident or that there was a ghost in the machine.

Nope, the KoD was printing something – FOR ME. This is what he printed.

It’s something so simple, but it reduced me to an absolute puddle of mush – so incredibly sweet. I didn’t think it was possible to love him more, but I do. Every single day I love him more and more. It took us years to find each other, but I am so very thankful that we finally did!!

34 responses to “Print Me Out Some Love

  1. Awww! How sweet & it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet ;)!!

  2. You are a very lucky lady! He sounds amazing, I am so happy for you.
    All my love
    Miriam x

  3. Somethings are best left between Husband n Wife. It cheapens it when you you broadcast it worldwide.

    • lady lock and load

      Chaipad The Grinch, it’s just a little note with a heart saying I love you. I think it’s fine. More than fine!

    • Chaipad, for the record, I don’t feel cheapened at all.
      Perhaps, someone reading this post today will be inspired to do something nice for their spouse or significant other today. And, surely, you wouldn’t be critical of that, would you?

      • So now we do this for all the singles out there. Great. First we model and solicit and recieve free clothes to write gushing reviews to show people how we can dress normal. Now we share vignettes of our relationship to show people marriage is happy? Seriously?? If you are indeed doing this for this reason, it is incumbent upon to show single people that marriage has its challenges as well.
        I had a Rav who used to say this story: He was once dealing with a couple who were having issues at home. The wife always complained on how he would not stand up for himself and keep everything bottled up inside. So the Rav ask this boy why are like that? He responded”All my life I never saw parents disagree EVER. I simply didnt know its something you do.
        The Rav right away called this boys parents and said”Give your son a call and tell him how many times you fought in private.
        I am not saying this is the case here,nut if you are doing this as some sort of righteous endeavor you should be aware of the flipside. Maybe post why the KOD did all these things.. Perhaps it was after a fight? or aminor squibble? Or you were upset at him about something…That can go a much longer way on teaching singels the concept of conflict resolution and not letting a fight linger….

        • You seem to be reading a lot into this. You also seem to be taking this extremely personally.

          I think this says more about you than anyone else.

          • I am merely defending my position. calling things as i see it. I am not the one make categoric statements and having to resort to name calling.

            • Who’s name calling? And I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion. (That would be foolish.) You just seem to be making this about you, when there is no need to do so.

              • Read furthercomments to see the name calling. How am I making this about me? I stated my opinion and backed it up with examples that I know to be true…

    • Does it help to know that I print death threats to my husband when he’s in the room with the printer and I’m in the living room? (We also have a wireless printer.)

  4. I know its a note and in marriage it is very healthy to send those notes. Having said that, It is not healthy to broadcast the affection your significant other shows you. Its an intimate gesture and once shared with the world it looses its value. Besides, whats the point of sharing it? To prove to e/o that you are happy? I think it proves the opposite when you need to show e/o how much you are in “love”.

    Whats the point of name calling? seriously?

    • I think that when someone has been through a hard time and is now in such a great space, it is natural to want to share that. So long as both parties are comfortable with it being posted (which clearly they are, since the KoD himself commented), it is not a value loss. Also, research shows that couples who regularly share their love of one another tend to be happier and more satisfied overall.

      • Not all things that are natural to SOME are healthy. Its called intimacy and intimate gestures for a reason.

        • Perhaps this is where we digress…. I don’t see a print out of “I love you” as an intimate gesture…. Married couples stating simply that they do in fact love one another is a good thing and something which is perfectly acceptable to be shared in public.
          If my husband never told me he loved me when another person was around, I’d be sad.

          • That makes me think too…. Is then a husband singing “Eyshet Chayil” to his a wife an intimate gesture which should not be done with any guests at their Shabbat table?

            • Eishet Chayil according to many Midrashic figures, was actually a eulogy that Avraham gave for his wife, Sarah upon her passing. Other than that, Eishet Chayil doesn’t means ones wife. It represents the Shabbat Malka. Its allegorical in nature. This is the reason that single men and women alike sing the song if they are eating alone even as a single.

              This isnt saying I love you. On that, I agree with you 100 percent! Is a birthday card or an anniversary card simply saying I love you? This is a gesture and its not the only one that has been posted. I was just pointing out that if you always post this and there has been more detailed stuff on this blog,people begin to wonder what is actually reserved for the couple.

              • No, a card is not simply saying I love you… But this is. What does it say? Its not an outpouring of feelings, just a quick note to brighten a day from across the house. It is a gesture, absolutely – I just disagree (and think HSM would also) that it is intimate.
                HSM blogs about the general topics of intimacy in many ways, but she does not share the specifics. As a frum woman who also blogs about such topics from time to time, I guarantee that what is being shared is far from all that is going on.
                And I’m now going to choose not to engage you any further, as this is clearly unproductive and you have your mind made up about what HSM blogs here. If you don’t want to read it, don’t.

  5. KOD-The fact that you dont feel cheapened says alot. But dont take the position now that this was posted to “inspire” other people. C’mon. There is a reason Husbands give thier wifes cards and its not to inspire other people. We can disagree, but dont insult the intelligence of the readers.

    • Firstly, I dont have my mind up against what she blogs about. On the contrary, I happen to enjoy and get a kick out of alot of things that are blogged about, Because I disagree with one gives you no right to categorically say I am against her. I am allowed to disagree with her without fear of someone like you telling me I dont like her as a person or what she blogs about. That is plain ridiculous.We can disagree and get along. I happen to love reading the economist, there are times when I strongly disagree with them. Does that mean i will stop reading it and cancel my subscription? I dont think so!
      I understand if you dont want to respond, but before you start telling people what they have their mind made up about, I would advise you to think if you really know what you are talking about.

  6. @kod- For the record-I would have no problem if someone gave a card because of this.

  7. KOD-HA! At least you are good natured:)

  8. Awwwww. Thanks for sharing! Brightens up my day.

  9. Thanks for sharing. A & I occasionally leave silly/sweet notes on the mirror for the other to find. Very sweet and I’m sure it totally made your afternoon with 5minutes of his time.

  10. The first time I made breakfast for me and my husband, I put them on heart shaped plates. I then took a picture of it, like I do with all my food I make, and posted it on facebook. My husband felt it was too personal and didn’t belong for everyone to see.

    So I guess everyone has different views on what’s considered “intimate” or not.

  11. I think that was so sweet! Does KOD have a brother? ( :

  12. I send most of your posts to Nancy. I think she’ll really love this one. 🙂

  13. Sorry, Chaipad, you are off base here.

    It doesn’t cheapen the love between KoD and Hadassah to mention the way he shows his love for her. In fact, I think it’s beautiful. There is enough garbage in the world without someone throwing cold water over a romantic gesture. I respect your opinion, but I think you are overreacting to this.

  14. OK, so what went thru my mind with this post was this: Seriously!! You WASTED the colour ink!! But, aw. That is a nice gesture. You live/work in the same house! BUT- it was a really sweet gesture. KOD didn’t do it so that H could post about it. BUT- he knows she’s a blogger…. sigh
    I will admit at first I felt like I didn’t want to be privy to this simple and perhaps intimate gesture, but it does also make me feel good to know that they do these things for each other, and KOD HAD BETTER APPRECIATE HIS WIFE!!
    It also reminded me of all the little gestures my hubby does for me. So, this made me have nice feelings towards him.
    I would imgaine it might be hard to read this post if one’s own personal life weren’t so happy. It might trigger resentment.
    But then, I think of the boys and how nice it is to have parents who do these little things. It is a great example of how a simple gesture- not diamonds or fancy cars or big gifts show real love.
    Chaipad- The example you set of the Rav, although good ‘marriage advice’ isn’t good parenting advice. We SHOULDN’T fight infront of our kids. (my parents surely didn’t) but I knew that they did argue- somewhere! Reality is important, but let’s get real; H is still, and G-d willing will always be, on honeymoon with the KOD!

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