Daily Archives: December 11, 2010

How Many Pieces Can I Slice Myself Into?

Parent Teacher evenings – Why do they have to make it so difficult? I have a teacher friend who used to refer to them as “meet the creature” evenings…

I have two PTAs coming up – one for two kids, and the second for one son. The one son’s school has appointments scheduled for each parent with each teacher. I can be in and out of there in half an hour. The other school has a first come first served kind of attitude.

Well, maybe not. They have split the evening up into 5 sections. And each section is for last names beginning with A-F, G-K etc. But I have two kids in two separate classrooms, 7 teachers to see within the half hour put aside for our last name. Which weirdly is the last half hour of the evening. Which means that I will probably have to wait an hour to speak to each teacher. There are 750 kids in the school. Many of those are siblings. How are parents supposed to do this without tearing their hair out? Divide and conquer?

I am seriously tempted to just call the school and ask them to have the teachers call me at their convenience. It just would remove this headache… but I also feel that if I don’t show up it reflects badly on my kids. I am extremely interested in how they are doing, and totally invested in their education – but I don’t have hours to waste standing in line for 2 minutes with a teacher while other parents are milling around listening in and nudging for the teacher to hurry up!

All schools need to just schedule appointments and stick to them.