Sweet little moment

I just got back from the store. I saw a little happening there that put the smile back on my face. (Nothing’s wrong, just having a blah day).

There was a young couple in front me at the cash waiting to pay, with their 5 year old daughter. The young couple were having a jolly time laughing together. The little girl kept taking candy off the shelf and adding it to the mom’s purchases, purposely hiding it between some items so that Mommy wouldn’t see. Each time Mommy caught her and put the candy back.

The cashier was scanning the items very fast and the little girl waited very patiently for her mom to turn aside for a split second. She quickly put the candy on the conveyor belt thingie and it was scanned and bagged in no time. Mommy did not notice.

The triumphant look on that girl’s face was just the best. Victory. The candy is MINE!!

But – what do you say – should I have tapped the mom on the shoulder, and told her, or was I right to keep my lip buttoned?

8 responses to “Sweet little moment

  1. Unless she’s a very clever little girl, the mother’s eventually going to know. She’ll unbag the groceries, or she see the daughter getting from the bag, or she find the wrapper somewhere, or…

    And when that happens, she can decide how to proceed.

    No need for you to intervene.

  2. I just hope she doesn’t get upset with the little girl and think she stole it.

  3. lady lock and load

    Don’t you just hate it when stores keep candy at the register isle? You try to check out while the kid is begging for candy… an evil plot to drive us mommy’s insane.
    I think you were wise to not say anything. The mother might take offense, saying MYOB, or WHO ARE YOU, THE CANDY POLICE? Then you will have a little blow up in the candy/cashier isle when you just want to pay and get home.
    Mom will come home and find the candy and have a talk with “sticky fingers” in the privacy of her own home.
    The question is what does one do when you bring hubby shopping and he sneaks stuff in the cart that is not on his diet? little children…big children, LOL!!

  4. You should have knowingly winked at the little girl. After all, you’re only a little kid once!

  5. I agree that you did the right thing by not saying anything. Sooner or later the mom will most likely find out & she will deal with it together with her child.

  6. I think the child did steal it because the mother did not know. I would have said something becasue u don’t know if the child is allergic, if she should not have eaten because it was made with milk and they just ate meat. This is the way a child learns he/she can get away with things and will try to “steal” more and more. I think I might have said something to the child so that the Mom heard… not sure on that one would have to have been there. but I would have said something.

  7. Wink at the kid and let mom deal with it at home. You have no idea how mom will react to you saying something. It could be, “Thanks, I’ll make sure she knows to put it back/ask next time.” OR it could be, “Look lady, I can handle my own kids so stay out of it.” In this case it was pretty harmless, especially since Mom ended up paying for it.

    As for an allergy involved- Mom should’ve said, “Nope there are nuts in that and none of us can have those” or something, not just put it back without a word. If there was a milk/meat issue Mom could easily have addressed that at home when she found it unloading the groceries.

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