Look – Bread Named After Me!!

My twitter buddy @chezabelles twitpicced this and sent it to me. Totally wondering what this tastes like and why it is called SABO? Perhaps because it SABOtages diets? When I was a toddler I absolutely adored bread, it was apparently my favourite food!! Thanks Cheryll!!

2 responses to “Look – Bread Named After Me!!

  1. Not much help from google sources, but it seems to be
    a) Freshly baked hard dough bread.
    b) Most indications are that it is an African (specifically Nigerian) bread,
    c) although one clickable said “Puerto Rican sweetbread”.
    b) But for certain: it is Glatt Halal (see sign on the lower right on the wrapping)! Which means that when you find out what it is exactly, you can bake your very own Kosher Sabo Bread!

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