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Party Time

Well, not exactly. But we do have to start serious planning for the next barmitzvah. I am giving myself till the first of the year, then I have to start cracking on invitations. We already have the tefillin which makes it even more real. I cannot believe that Prince HockeyFan is going to be 13. I still remember the last ultrasound before he was born and being told that he needed to be born very soon. That was Friday. He was born Monday evening, on my birthday. The way the Hebrew dates work out (two Adars this year and he was born in Adar when there was only one) his barmitzvah is in late March, even though he was born in early March.

So I am now thinking about the verbiage to use on the invitations and as I look back, having made two barmitzvahs already, I am laughing at my younger self. With the oldest, I was still on my own, and my ex had very recently remarried. It was of utmost importance to me, back then, that the invitation stated MY name before my ex and his wife’s. There were tears and a tantrum or two. By the time Squiggy’s barmitzvah rolled around, we were both remarried and I couldn’t really have cared that much whose name was first. We all – all four of us parents / step parents – love each of our children. Everyone knows who the parents are – what difference does it make if his name is before mine, or vice versa?

The main thing is that we all come together to celebrate the important milestones – and I am looking forward to hosting our very first milestone celebration in our new community.

These children are growing up so fast – its such a bracha to watch and be part of it, but I wish they would slow down a little.

“I don’t want to like it!!”

I wrote a while back about us starting to eat healthier low fat meals as a family. (Hey, if I have to suffer, then they do too!!)

Last night I made a delicious supper that was low fat and low cost too! I made meat sauce with lean ground meat (next time I may use turkey as it is much leaner), with whole wheat pasta. I was concerned that the children would not like the whole wheat pasta as it is not white and they are used to white spaghetti. So I mixed the sauce in with the pasta instead of serving it separately and the brown-ness was hidden by the tomato/meat sauce. I served some steamed vegetables on the side.

All was going well, the kids were eating with gusto, until *someone* mentioned that he preferred the taste of the whole wheat pasta to the regular. One of the boys immediately put down his fork. All of a sudden he didn’t like the food because it was whole wheat pasta. Logic didn’t sway him at all. The others didn’t care. They were too busy eating up every morsel that was on their plates.

We are definitely sticking with whole wheat pasta for now – and the kid that won’t eat it will just have to get over his aversion. I have seen him eat it and enjoy it when he didn’t know what he was eating.

What are your tips for getting healthy food into unsuspecting children?

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