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Thankfully I am extremely happy with my new job. A few people have asked me recently what type of resume / CV I put together that would be applicable for a job in social media. The truth of the matter is that I was in the midst of putting one together and had the same questions myself when this job “happened” to fall into my lap.

The main thing that stood me in good stead, I think, was my online presence. More than a piece of paper that says where you went to school and what jobs you have had, if you are applying to a social media position – it’s important for a potential employer to see that you are indeed out there, using social media in a positive context.

I have been blogging for nigh on 3 years, have a Facebook and Twitter presence and a strong following on all three networks. I am engaged with other people online and have taken part in social media events – I was a panelist at the Metroimma Social Media Shmooze last month, for example.

Yes the resume can be important, and you should definitely have one, but I would definitely say that online presence is equally as important if not more so.

I wanted to open up the comments to you all – is there anything you can suggest to these friends of mine who are looking for positions in the social media field? What should they be doing to get their name out there? Where is the best place to find such jobs advertised? What should and should not be on their resume?

6 responses to “Social Media Resume

  1. Great question.

    My advice would be to network with other people in the field and utilize LinkedIn. LI is a GREAT resource for finding positions.

  2. If someone wants a job in social media and can’t get one then they have a long way to go.
    your online presence and following is important but so is not being constricted to just FB, LI, Twitter but utilizing 4Square, sharing more through various systems, friendfeed, skype chats/rooms and more.
    But commenting is important too.
    Don’t be a reader or lurker, be proactive will get you noticed.
    Don’t be insane in your posts or answers. It’s okay to post frustrations but do not belittle people, companies are a different matter as its not personal attacks.
    Share information and articles with others, links are important.
    Write for other sites/orgs/magazines or anything else to show others appreciate you too.
    Lastly, find a product you love that has bad social networking and approach them with how they could better appeal to audiences or gain market share.

  3. This is a great post– I’m really looking forward to these comments:)

  4. Got your tweet. The last traditional resume I put together was to get a job as an admin over 5 years ago that turned into a social media job and career.

    You’re online presence should speak for itself and highlight the sites where you can be found on your resume. Make sure that when a potential boss googles you, they find YOU.

  5. I completely agree with Keith and Leah. I think your online presence should speak for itself, but I recently decided to add a few lines on my resume highlighting the social media tool with which I am familiar that go beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Are you a whiz at multiple blogging platforms? A master of many Twitter apps? Also important are services that measure ROI.

  6. I don’t use LinkedIn, and I never have. I’m sure it works for some people, but I haven’t seen the use (personally) yet.

    My Social Media Resume has my experience as a blogger, web user, and e-aficionado. I included panels I’ve been on and projects I’ve been a part of as far as social media. But my background experience in copy editing and news editorial also does a lot for my resume because an editor usually means good ability to create and post discerning content.

    I’ve uploaded my one-page resume for your viewing pleasure:

    My advice: Never underestimate the power of what you’re doing now — even if it isn’t in Social Media, because it’s all connected.

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