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Emunah and Childbirth

Please go and read this article “ Emunah and Childbirth”, then come back here and read the rest of this post. I get what this lady is trying to say – that you need to have faith in God. I agree. However, her letter is dangerous. She is advocating ignoring medical advice in order to give birth naturally. There are situations where a caesarean section will save the life of a child and / or the mother and ignoring that urgent need could result in death. I will concede that there are many c-sections performed that are unnecessary – but it is all on a case by case basis. You cannot say flat out that the science of obstetrics is stupidity!! Being stupid is ignoring that the doctors are Hashem’s shlichim, his messengers, given the knowledge to help bring the next generation into our world.

I am flabbergasted that in this day and age there are people out there advising women to ignore the medical world – what does she want us to do, give birth out in the fields, have birthing mothers die because there are complications and no doctor around? Have babies die due to lack of prenatal care? Yes there are many instances where there is no need for medical intervention – but what about when there is a problem, what then? You can have all the Emunah you want, but trusting in God will not save your life or that of your baby if you are not in the right medical environment and need help.

What are your thoughts?

(Hat Tip @mikeage)


Happy Birthday to my KoD!

Happy Birthday! This is the third birthday that the KoD has had since we have met, the second since we got married. However, it is the first birthday that we will actually spend together under the same roof in the same country. It is so special to be able to be with him on his special day – having been through such a hard time waiting for my papers to be in order, well, it just makes us all the more grateful to have one another. Sharing special times is such a blessing.

Happy Birthday my love – may you have a wonderful day and an awesome year, filled with love and light and continued nachat from all our children.