Tales from the Gym – Episode One

Before I left the house to go to the gym I updated my FB and Twitter saying that in the next few days I reserve the right to complain about my muscles aching. We finished our workout 45 minutes ago and I am already kvetching!

The KoD has been a member of this gym for donkey’s years, but since our marriage and the commuting between NY and Montreal and work schedules and a whole host of other excuses, the gym kind of fell by the wayside. I had always wanted to go with him to the gym – it took two years, but darnit, we got there, and we will continue to go to the gym together for as long as possible, schedules permitting.

I love the fact that we get money back from our insurance company for going to the gym. We worked out that it practically pays for the membership! With our insurance if you go to the gym 50 times in 6 months they send you a nice amount of money back. If cost is what is holding you back from joining a gym – check your health insurance policy. You may be able to swing it!

The KoD insisted that I turn off my cell phone and deposit it in the locker. This was time to work on ME, time for no one to bother me. I resisted at first, but he was right. There was one woman yammering away on her cell phone and it was interrupting her workout.

Luckily being the gym expert that he is the KoD was able to show me lots of stuff. We started out on the elliptical – 15 minutes. I was very conscious of not pushing myself. I must start off this exercise thing gently otherwise I will suffer the consequences. While I was huffing and puffing and mopping my brow the KoD was ellipticalling away like he’s been doing it all day every day for the last seventeen years. Show off!!

Then we walked a couple of laps around the track, and it was off to the weights. We did a few sets on different machines – the weight resistance on mine was around the 20-30lb range, and his was way over 100… The KoD showed me how to correctly hold my posture for each different machine, and when to breathe in and out. Silly me, at one point I complained that the weight resistance was too easy – he told me to let it go slower. Yowch!! Feel. The. Burn!!

Then it was over to the bicep curls. I used weights of 5lb, he used a lot heavier. I looked in the mirror and was totally yukked out by the sight of my stick-like arms. I need to work on the biceps and triceps so that I can have some definition. Being an ectomorph is no fun – I want shape, darn it!! He then did some shrugs with 60lb weights. That looked totally painful. I didn’t do any as I have absolutely no interest in thickening my neck.

At one point in this work out the KoD turned to me and asked “so did I lose weight yet?” – we had a good old chuckle. I asked him if my stomach had any definition since my workout – desperate for this to work quickly I guess!!

We plan to go together as often as possible – it helps to have a workout buddy. There were other people there, working out in various types of attire. There is a sign specifying that you need to wear proper work out clothes – but not everyone sticks to that. I did.

Off to take a mega dose of Advil and a looooong hot shower… Stay tuned. I am sure this gymming will give me plenty of blog fodder.

Thank you KoD for showing me the ropes!!

6 responses to “Tales from the Gym – Episode One

  1. Wonderfully entertaining… Only *you* could make the gym sound like so much fun 🙂 Kol Ha Kavod!

  2. good for you I went back to the YMCA today as well. I was fasting to see if the Basal settings on my pump were correct…who knew that my sugar would go above 190 after exercising so I have to redo the test….I did 20 minutes on the Treadmill and 20 minutes on the Elliptical(I LOVE THAT MACHINE).

    So day one is in the bag…and the rest of our lives to go….one day at a time!!!

  3. Sounds like you are on your way to a fab six pack and some arm definition that could shovel the driveway after a huge snowstorm;) Have fun!

  4. Good for you!!
    I’ve been a “gym rat” for several years now and it’s not only good for you physically, but you’d be amazed what that kind of intense workout does for your emotional well being (a real stress reducer).
    And trust me, the arm definition does come, but it takes time – increasing reps and weight slowly over time. If you are serious about this, in six months or so, you can have the cutest little “girlie guns” (my family is sick of me showing them already, but hey, I’m proud). Oh, and the burn (during and after) NEVER STOPS if you are doing this right. Feel it and ENJOY 🙂

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